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After spending nearly a decade teaching in-person classes on creative writing, I've decided to take the plunge and begin developing online creative writing courses and making them available to the many aspiring writers who visit this site each month.

My intent is to make these online creative writing courses both...

1. Easily accessible to writers of all levels of experience and aspiration.

2. Powerful, in terms of bringing together information, tips, and strategies you won't find widely available elsewhere. The kind of information I wish someone had told me when I first decided to become a writer.

The first of these online creative writing courses now available on Teachable (a leading online course platform) and will show you all you need to know about finding great ideas for stories. Check it out...

Online Creative Writing Courses from
How to Write a Book Now

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Minicourse: Compelling Story Ideas

Never be stuck for a great story idea again! This mini-course will show you how to create simple ideas for original characters and build a plot around each character that contains the essential elements needed for a compelling story.

Get full details here.

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And I'd love your help deciding on topics for future online creative writing courses that would meet your needs. Please take a few minutes and tell me what sort of courses you feel would help you the most in your writing endeavours. Here's the link...

Survey: Online Writing Courses

Online Creative Writing Courses
by MasterClass

MasterClass is a company that has created a variety of lecture series on creative writing, presented by some of the best writers working today. I've catalogued the best of these. Check them out.

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