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Guardian or Contagonist?

Question: If I understand correctly, the guardian and contagonist help the protagonist achieve his goal and tempt him away from it respectively. But what

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Too little consistency with the characters?

Hello First of all, thank you very much for all the useful information and help you’re providing, your website has already helped me a lot. My question

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Finish or not to finish, that is the question.

Question: I know its a crazy question but, I've got a summary for a storyline written already. Should I just create it now and add filler later, or add

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Identifying my book as a memoir versus a novel.

Question: Taken directly from my journals detailing true misadventures involving drug-addicted prostitutes over a two year period, though therefore properly

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Online Creative Writing Courses

Take online creative writing courses from high profile professional and famous writers in a variety of genres.

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Just a Comment and not a question

I've written a novel (going by notes as far back as High School, over 40 years ago), and have pieced everything together and fleshed it out to my satisfaction.

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What are the limits of using IPs in a novel?

Question: Ready Player One references tons of intellectual properties, several of which are integral to the plot. Do you know if the publisher had to clear

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Online Creative Writing Courses

How would you like to learn the art of creative writing from some of the highest selling and most famous writers in the business--including such names as James Patterson and R.L. Stine? And get personal attention from the comfort of your own home? Take a look at this link to find out how.

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Mystery Novel Resolution

Hello, Glen, First of all, thank you for reading my question and providing your valuable suggestions. I wrote around fifty thousand words of my mystery

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Question: This site is exactly what I needed to actually pull out those someday ideas off the shelf, but I can't seem to find anything on character betrayals.

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Flashback as hook?

Question: I am wanting to start my novel with the prologue time jumping following the main characters with their experience with the character who dies

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What constitutes as a Chapter?

Question: You mentioned that some scenes will be part of a chapter while other scenes will be a chapter itself. So i want to know what a chapter is. Is

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W-plot and signposts clarification needed

Dear Glen, First and foremost, so many thanks for your tremendous work and enlightening advice about creative writing ! I have a terminology-(and perhaps

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Including a subplot in a synopsis

Question: Your Steps in Writing a Synopsis is very thorough and helpful. One question I have, however, is how or where to include discussion about a subplot

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need help with main character throughline

Question: I can't seem to come up with the main character throughline for my story that seems right. My story takes place in a world, filled with magic

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How much time should I leave between main events?

Question: I am writing a love story told from four different perspectives. I have about three main events with several parts to each of them. However,

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Group Dynamics

Hi! I was wondering how I could go about creating interesting relationships between a group of characters. I find that I struggle with giving everyone

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Using real name and story in fiction

Question: I am writing a love story about my healing from depression. The format is me writing letters to my counselor and what happens when I fall in

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Dramatica "this scene represents" Dilemma

Question: I've decided to write a total of 64 scenes with 64,000 words. This is my benchmark, but I'm willing to let it grow larger or smaller as needed.

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I am stuck in my writing

Dear Glen, You have helped me before and I hope you can help me again. I am one third through my second novel and feel completely stuck with no idea how

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Should I Have a Sequel Trilogy and am I Overplanning?

Question: I have big ambitions. I'm not yet done my first book, but I know for a fact it will be only the first of a trilogy, and that that trilogy will

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Character Death Reaction

Question: One of my characters is at the brink of death. As much as it pains me, and as hard as I tried to keep her alive, she doesn't have much longer.

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Is this Chapter Important to the Story? (And Another Issue)

Question: I wrote a chapter in which nothing particularly interesting happens. One of the characters (let's call her Anna) hasn't told the two main characters

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Switching Point of Views

Question: I'm currently writing a novel, I'm really proud of it. But, I truly feel as though the audience should see the point of view of not only the

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Question: I want to write my memoir. Problem is, all of the articles and books I've read on memoir say that it should include lots of dialogue. Unfortunately,

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Writers Boon: Mini-Review

Looking for more help publishing your novel? Writers Boon offers you an online catalogue of services covering every aspect of the writing and publishing process, including writing, self-publishing, marketing, publicity and selling. (It's also one of this year's 100 Best Websites for Writers.) Worth checking out.

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How to write sensitive topics?

Question: So the main theme of my story is trust and distrust, tying in with the theme, my main character has trust issues. Specifically with men, even

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Prologue, uh... Placement.

Hello, My prologue isn't something very exciting, at least not in my opinion. It has all the necessary hooks to keep people reading, but I fear that,

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Introducing New Characters: when?

Question: I have been told that my self-discovery travel romance novel has too many characters the first chapter. The protagonist is alone for the first

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Do you NEED a plot template?

Hi, I'm starting a new book. I've planned out a lot about the main characters, and know the plot I have in mind in pretty good detail. However, I've recently

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Do you think my book will be well recieved by readers?

Hello, So, I'm writing a love story. Well, it's not really a love story since the woman he ends up with isn't introduced until towards the end. My character

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We Made the Top 100 List Again!

For the second year in a row, How to Write a Book Now has been included in the list of 100 Best Websites for Writers by Write Life. Many thanks to all the readers who recommended us!

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Psychological thrillers

Questions: 1. I want to write a psychological thriller but I'm not sure how to start it or how to create my own, original idea without copying other psychological

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How to make a good villain

Question: I have my story and know pretty much everything, I just feel like my villain is missing something. The villain has a connection to the other

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"It's a Wonderful Life": A Dramatica Analysis

The structure of "It's a Wonderful Life" using Dramatica terms.

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How do I create an interesting plot with all this existing stuff?

Question: So I've got a bit of a problem. I've created a rich, complex world, and unique characters, but there is one problem: I don't have any interesting

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Is it possible to have more than one main character?

Question: I have a hypothetical idea for a novel. I say hypothetical because I don't know if I'll ever actually write it, but I'm enjoying planning the

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How to Write a Fight Scene

How to write a fight scene with a solid dramatic structure.

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How to Write Action Scenes

Points to consider when writing action scenes.

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New Search Feature

With so many Q&A pages on this site, we needed a better way for you to search for the writing topics that interest you. Google's search box wasn't working, so we replaced it with a new and improved search box. Try it today!

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Epic Fantasy Storyform(s) regarding Character Elements

Question: Hey there! Thanks for all of the wonderful and enlightening information you provide on this site. My question: How do you allocate Character

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Single POV vs multiple POV's

I've been thinking a lot about how to angle this question. This will be long. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion. It seems like every time someone

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Blade Runner 2049: A Dramatica analysis

Blade Runner 2049 analysed using Dramatica story theory.

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Question: The more I watch the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, the more I feel (and hear, it seems) that Rey and Kylo Ren aren't protagonist and

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Help with writing a murder mystery

Hey guys, At the moment I'm planning/drafting a young adult murder mystery novel. I have a few questions. Firstly,how many words should I aim for? Secondly,

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Story Goals

Question: I'm working on an outline for a series of books. These books have an adventure plot line and I'm finding that the story goal of each individual

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All About Writing Genres

Writers: Learn about the various writing genres.

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How to Write a Mystery

Tips on how to write a mystery novel that is well structured and emotionally compelling.

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