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Epic Fantasy Storyform(s) regarding Character Elements

Question: Hey there! Thanks for all of the wonderful and enlightening information you provide on this site. My question: How do you allocate Character

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Single POV vs multiple POV's

I've been thinking a lot about how to angle this question. This will be long. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion. It seems like every time someone

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Blade Runner 2049: A Dramatica analysis

Blade Runner 2049 analysed using Dramatica story theory.

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Question: The more I watch the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, the more I feel (and hear, it seems) that Rey and Kylo Ren aren't protagonist and

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Help with writing a murder mystery

Hey guys, At the moment I'm planning/drafting a young adult murder mystery novel. I have a few questions. Firstly,how many words should I aim for? Secondly,

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Story Goals

Question: I'm working on an outline for a series of books. These books have an adventure plot line and I'm finding that the story goal of each individual

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All About Writing Genres

Writers: Learn about the various writing genres.

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How to Write a Mystery

Tips on how to write a mystery novel that is well structured and emotionally compelling.

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Antagonistic MC

Question: My story is about a serial killer trying to get away with their crimes, it's like a reverse murder mystery where the killer is constantly wondering

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How to make your main characters unique?

Question: Lately, I've noticed an issue in my writing. Whenever I get inspired to write something new, my main characters sound a bit alike. I realize

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How do you determine what writing projects are worth moving forward with?

Question: I've been writing down every idea that comes to my head lately. Some ideas are easily eliminated because they've been done similarly before or

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I can't really discover who my antagonist is?

Question: Well, so I am writing a novel (Genre: Fantasy/Magic) about an older Brother (Let's call him John) who wants to bring his little brother back

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Story Goal Problems

Hi, I have an idea for a novel, one I've already written as a short story. But now that I'm thinking I'd like (love, really) to expand on it I'm having

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First question: How can you show the actions of multiple people without straying from one singular POV? I'm writing a TV show and planning on having around

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Plot Structure

Question: I am trying to organize a plot to keep my writing moving from one goal to the next smoothly. I was looking for different methods of doing this

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Plot Outline to Plot Model

Question: After I finish the 10 step plot outline, which is step 3 in How to Write a Novel, bottom of page says to use the W Plot Model (or Dramatica chart

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What is Literary Fiction

What is literary fiction? Just another genre, or something different?

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Help with antagonist's goals and using multiple POVs.

Question: Wondering if anyone with great wisdom can help me... I have 2 problems really that have pretty much stopped me writing anything decent for a

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How To write from the perspective of a blind person?

Question I have two protagonists, one of whom is blind. So far I've tried to use more details regarding the other senses and simply never put in sight

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Can I name an alien race after a real place?

Question: I've been outlining a science-fiction novel and want to name an alien race after a real place. For example, calling them Americans or Russians

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NOVEL WRITING (Protagonist vs. Main Character)

Question: Who is a protagonist? How is he different from the main character? Thanks! Answer: Protagonist is a term that comes from ancient Greek drama

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Feedback on a 'prophecy' I have written for my story

Hello! I have recently come up with the idea for a story that I REALLY like! I have created a plot by reading your 'Create a Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps'

Continue reading "Feedback on a 'prophecy' I have written for my story"

Obligatory scenes for Low Fantasy and Mystery Genres

Question: Love your site! Could you please list the obligatory scenes for Low Fantasy and also for Mysteries (two separate lists). My current WIP is

Continue reading "Obligatory scenes for Low Fantasy and Mystery Genres"

What is Genre Fiction?

What is genre fiction, and is some fiction genre-less?

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ON what parameters are authors evaluated?

Such as Character description Plot description Dialogues Lyrics of Songs Background Scenes Start End Epilogue Foreward Prologue What Else?????? This answer

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Psychological horror

Question: I'm thinking of writing a story about a man's past and what he does to the people he thinks are trying to attack him, but they're not and he

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$20,000 for 100 words (Flash Fiction Contest)

If you can write a 100 word story, this contest could be a great opportunity. No entrance fee and a grand prize of $20,000. Stories can be written in either English, Spanish, Hebrew, or Arabic and it looks like the theme is free speech (but you might want to check). Deadline is November 23, 2017. You have to agree to let them publish your story if you win, but so what? Best of luck everyone.

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How can one be inspired?

Question: A problem I have been battling through my journey in writing is the lack of inspiration. I have leafed through countless author sites - this

Continue reading "How can one be inspired?"

Genre Definitions: A Partial but Practical List

Popular genre definitions for fiction writers

Continue reading "Genre Definitions: A Partial but Practical List"

The Genres of Books: 7 Ways to Categorize

What writers need to know about genres of books and how they are created.

Continue reading "The Genres of Books: 7 Ways to Categorize"

Autobiography story structure

Question: I am working on my autobiography and would like to get guidance on the structure. Can you please help? Answer: The principles of story structure

Continue reading "Autobiography story structure "

Syd Field: On Screenplay Structure

Comparing Syd Field's model of screenplay structure to other story models

Continue reading "Syd Field: On Screenplay Structure"

Does your antagonist have to know they are the antagonist?

Question: I'm very glad I found this website; it's very informative. I have a question but I'm not sure if it pertains more to character development or

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Story goal for a paranormal Romance

Question: I don't know how to word this best but here is a try. I have an idea of what is going to happen in the story that I am writing but I don't really

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Fantasy without Magic is still Fantasy, right?

Question: I've created in my novel an Island with its own culture and people, completely devoid of contact with the outside world. Never does it even try

Continue reading "Fantasy without Magic is still Fantasy, right?"

Struggle with 1st person dialogue

Question: I am trying to write a story with a two person protagonist using a present tense 1st person narrative. I am struggling to write my story in 1st

Continue reading "Struggle with 1st person dialogue"

fantasy novel problems

Question: I am thinking of writing a retelling of king arthur, which would include most of the characters of the king arthur world, but there is a twist.

Continue reading "fantasy novel problems"

Name of Novel?

Question: Is it permissible to write a novel (story) which will have the same name of another novel or book? Example: Dark Night by John Doe...... Dark

Continue reading "Name of Novel?"

Tips on keeping a character consistent?

Hi Glen, Do you have any tips or insights as to how to make it easier to, I guess, know your characters to the point that you don't have to think about

Continue reading "Tips on keeping a character consistent?"

How to describe physical appearance

Question: I have all my characters pictured perfectly in my mind but I'm not sure how I would describe them when writing. One of my fears is that even

Continue reading "How to describe physical appearance"

Outline, storyline and plot.

Question: Please can you explain to me the difference between Outline, story line and plot. Thank you Answer: A plot is a series of events that make

Continue reading "Outline, storyline and plot. "

Love Triangle

Hello, Glen, Ever since I bought a copy of your novel planning book, I have finished writing three romance genre novels and plotting the fourth one (Thank

Continue reading "Love Triangle"

What is the difference between the main character and the protagonist?

Question: What is the difference between the main character and the protagonist? Answer: Protagonist is a word that goes back to ancient Greek theatre

Continue reading "What is the difference between the main character and the protagonist?"

Exclamation Points!!!

Hello, Mr. Strathy. I'm certain you've been bothered with this question so I apologize. But a successful writer used '“Stand to attention, soldier!”

Continue reading "Exclamation Points!!!"

Tips for writing a large cast of characters

Question: I'm writing a story with a LOT of characters in it, 18 to be exact. It's kind of like the Danganronpa series in the way that it wouldn't work

Continue reading "Tips for writing a large cast of characters"

difficult topics

Question: How do I cover darker/socially unacceptable topics in my writing without going too far or not being able to find a positive solution to my character's

Continue reading "difficult topics"

Fast Novel Writing

Question: I am writing a story and my mom is rushing me. How do I write faster and swiftly, without my novel looking as if it was spit out of a factory?

Continue reading "Fast Novel Writing"

Need help formating title page & header

Question: I need help writing my title page. I know how to set the margins. I've already written my contact info - name - address - phone etc. I need someone

Continue reading "Need help formating title page & header "

Book chapters

Question: I would like to know what is acceptable when writing a book for chapter length. My book is about Novella length. I have some chapters that are

Continue reading "Book chapters"

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