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Two plotlines that don't have much to do together

Question: I plan to write a pretty long sci-fi fiction story. I spent a lot of years writing but (mostly rewriting) this story, wrote about 400 pages

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My plot is real life

Question: Can I write my story, all true, sadly horrifying, and in continuance, from the perspective of me telling a true story about someone. I would

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Help on detail

Question: Hi, i am writing my book and I really think that the plot was generating way too fast. In about a few pages A character died but I am starting

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Is citing necessary in a short work of fiction?

Question: I am writing a very short story that is a work of fiction (Sci-Fi genre). In it I reference...scientific information, such as the discovery

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Question: There are many important characters in my novel. That's why I use a third-person omniscient perspective. When I write a book, the events come

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First Person POV

Question: If I am writing in the first person,is the following acceptable dialogue? What are you thinking about George? I'm just thinking how lovely

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Ist person phone-call format

Question: Like Marrisa from Ohio, I also have a question about phone-call format. My story is also first person narration. Not all phone calls are one

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Plot and Filler

Question: I'm writing a fantasy novel, and I feel like every chapter is boom, plot development or boom, here's a new important character and I want to

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When Mystery author becomes popular

Dear Glen, Thanks for your novel planning book. I have written five romance books and a series of five mystery books. My first mystery is published in

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What genre would this be?

Question: I wrote something but I don't know how to classify it. It's about someone who goes on telling their partner the story of their life and career,

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Synopsis of nonlinear narrative

Question: How to write the synopsis of nonlinear narrative? I also have two protoganists (in love with each other but has different story goal). To whom

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Question: I'm writing a historical fiction story set in the 1800s based on real historical events. As the second draft currently stands, the protagonist

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Story goal

Question: In my story a character is given an antique mirror from her father. On the night of her birthday when she is asleep, she hears a voice telling

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Writing two POV in one chapter

Question: How can I change the third person POV to the first person POV? to let the readers feel the scene? in one chapter? Answer: The short answer

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Appearance vs reality

Question: ...Also my novel has begun to shape up with some heavy appearance vs reality themes where I thought it was going down the loss, redemption and

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third person present tense

Question: ...certain chapters in my novel, the flashbacks are written in present tense (I know I know ) and my question is when writing a sentence in the

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dialogue tags

Question: How do I make my dialogue tags less repetitive? For example, if I were to express the same emotion throughout many scenes and run out of dialogue

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How do I fit an antagonist's backstory into my novel?

Question: I have an antagonist that my protagonist doesn't meet until a few chapters in. He has his own backstory, that I feel is important to tell, but

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overall structure of the book

Question: I am writing a story involving a character that is loosely based upon me but will have certain different actions and I am trying to relate the

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I can't connect with my protagonist

Hello, I've got a great story and plot and I know the type of protagonist I need to write about but I'm struggling to build that deep emotional connect

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Children's or ???

Question: Does it fall into the children's category when it is a book they will gift to Mom when done? Answer: A children's book is one that is written

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Parallel plots, different times

Question: I am writing a book with two main characters. The novel starts in 2016 with an introduction of both characters (A&B), together, one space, one

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What genre is my book?

Question: It's set in Ancient Rome and has historical elements, though it doesn't really mention anything of importance that would classify it as historical

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Question: I seem to have a really hard time pacing my stories because none of my scenes and chapters in between major plot points feels natural. Is there

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Question: I'm trying to write a book like Game of Thrones, but don't want to copy it, any advice? Answer: Yes. Don't copy it. Okay, let me be a little

Continue reading "Fantasy"

Mystery Romance

Hello, I'm writing a novel in which the protagonist starts to become suspicious of her mother's involvement in a hospital scandal that has to do with

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Mystery Deja vu

Dear Glen, Once again, Thank You for your novel planning book. I'm writing my ninth novel with its help, the fifth in mystery. While writing my mystery

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How do I Rewrite my Novel?

Hello! I finished writing my manuscript one year ago. Since then, I have made almost no progress with rewriting it. I don't know how to begin, or where

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Using an actual place in a novel but making it less accurate

Question: Is there a disclaimer when using an actual place in a novel, yet wanting it to fit into your story, so taking some poetic license.? Also,

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Subtle action

Question: How do I take a subtle (and kinda quirky) super power and write in a way that keeps the tension and the book flowing? My characters in the book

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Need help on how to start this story

Question: I am currently trying to write a short story for my english class. I know I want to write the plot around 3 murders during mardi gras. The story

Continue reading "Need help on how to start this story"

Reasons to write

Question Are there like wrong reasons to write? I love making up stories. I live with characters every day, I daydream all the scenes and emotions. Which

Continue reading "Reasons to write"

Plot planning when you are a pantser

Hi! I would like to know how do I plan the whole book when I don't know what is going to happen. I know the theme, I know what is happening now, but

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Stories with no clear end goals.

Question: My story is set in a world where magic exists and is formally taught at schools. Everyone has mana in them. The story revolves around a commoner

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Tragi-Comedy 8-Point Plot Outline

Hi there, I've gone through the 8-point plot outline for my story, which I've decided is a sort of comi-tragedy(the main character achieves the story

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Multiple POV

Question: I have a series planned in my head and am planning the story from 3 characters' POV. The problem is I don't want to switch back and forth every

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Question: How do I NOT write a Utopian world? I feel like everything I write is a Utopian, and those aren't any good. Help? Answer: I have to guess a

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Purpose In Flashbacks

Question: First of all, I'd like to say I'm happy to see you still doing this. I used to ask questions 2-3 yrs ago before losing interest in writing. I've

Continue reading "Purpose In Flashbacks"

first chapter

Hi, My name is Shenidene and I'm writing a book well I'm starting a chapter of a book I call snow falling it's a romance/ crime/investigation and well

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Exclamation points , and methods to convey emotion in the character's voice

Hello, My question is about conveying to the reader a character's changing emotions through his or her voice in a literal sense. How it raises or lowers

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Plot twists

Question: I'm writing a novel in which the protagonist, little by little, uncovers clues about her mothers involvement in an incident at a hospital. The

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restrictions freedoms or my ignorance?

Hi Glen, While working on stories using Dramatica here is what I understood. MC is living his throughline with his own share of concerns issues etc, independent

Continue reading " restrictions freedoms or my ignorance?"

Writing a entire book about a corporation.

Hello, I want to write a book about the history of youtube that will cover good parts of it and bad. Would I be able to do so or would I run into legal

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Question: I've decided to self-publish, Is it still a good idea to have a literary agent? Answer: The job of a literary agent is to find a publisher for

Continue reading "Agent"

Fictitious Setting

Question: Thanks for your Novel Planning Book and all the other information made available on your site. I've been writing my fourth Mystery series novel

Continue reading "Fictitious Setting"

types of vehicles

How can I use a real vehicle in my plot without asking for permission or do I need to ask first? My main character will pick up her dream vehicle from

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Question: Any advice or tips on how to write about a world where witches exist? Answer: I assume you mean witches with actual magic powers, not just Wiccans

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Character motive

Question: I am currently writing a story from a murderer's point of view, although I’m struggling to think of a proper motive. I want to make sure the

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Question: I'm writing a novel that's Historical Fiction. I'm incorporating 2 of my characters into a disaster that happened in 1940. I'm also including

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