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Survey: What do you want in an Online Writing Course?

Fellow Writers: Please take a few minutes to let me know your thoughts about what sort of online writing courses we should offer in the future.

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Online Creative Writing Courses

Take online creative writing courses from high profile professional and famous writers in a variety of genres.

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Novel Writing Advice, Self-Publishing Advice, Publishing novels as a teenager

Hi! Thanks for reading! Here are my questions! 1. How do I choose a title for my novels / books? 2. How do I check my grammar if I self-publish my novels?

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Write a Horror Story: 6 Dark Secrets

Dark secrets you must unearth to effectively write a horror story.

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How to Write a Thriller

How to write a thriller story.

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Novel Factory Writing Software

A review of the Novel Factory novel writing software.

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How do I make plot device companion character feel alive?

Question: okay ... so ... I am changing the plot of my novel to integrate a new plot. As a part of this, I'm realizing that I need a sort of friend/companion

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Is there such a thing as a delusional character arc?

Question: I am writing a fantasy novel. Strangely I am having great success with all my characters EXCEPT my protagonist. In attempt to focus in on and

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Romance Plots

Romance plots you can adapt in your own writing

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How to Write a Romance

Planning to write a romance novel? Here's how...

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How to reveal powers that the main character knows they have?

Question: My character has superpowers, and she was in a group of heroes so they know, but nobody else knows. How do I reveal these powers to the new group

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Proofreading Your Stories

Proofreading your fiction stories and novels.

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Wordiness (Pt.2 of Line Editing for Fiction Writers)

Fix wordiness while line editing your stories.

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Line Editing for Fiction Writers

Line editing is the second phase of self-editing for fiction writers.

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Revising Your Fiction

Revising your fiction writing before you attempt publication

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Substantive Self-Editing

Substantive Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

Continue reading "Substantive Self-Editing"

Preparing to Revise a Story

Steps to take before you revise a story.

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Writing a fictional account of an actual event

I have just completed a novel that begins (several chapters) with one of the most famous UFO sightings. The incident took place in 1950 and the two real

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Story Structure: "The Lesser Evil"

Structuring the short story, using "The Lesser Evil" from The Witcher series as an example.

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What genre would my story be?

Question My story is about a teenage girl who keeps having flashbacks to when she was in an abusive, cultish relationship with a mysterious man she calls

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Name of a Real Hotel

Hello, I am writing my first novel the first part of which takes place in a real hotel in downtown LA. The main character has a job and office space

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Ending your plot lines in tandem or apart?

Question: I have two plot lines. I know which one is major and which one is secondary. Currently they both end more or less in tandem at the end of the

Continue reading "Ending your plot lines in tandem or apart?"

character development

Question: How do I know when my character has been fully developed? How will I know when to stop adding detail before they become a mess of a character?

Continue reading "character development"

Shallow plot

Question: My plot seems very shallow. It’s about a thirteen year old artist who gets sent away to an island for the summer by her parents. The reason is

Continue reading "Shallow plot"

I have no idea how to develop this further

hello everyone, I am writing a novel. The protagonist is Vigdis (the whole story is set in viking Norway) and she essentially flees with her secret lover,

Continue reading "I have no idea how to develop this further"

First chapters

Hi, I'm trying to write a story of an alternate universe of a world revolved around nature (Four regions known as the Springlands, Summerlands, Autumnlands,

Continue reading "First chapters"

Having Multiple characters.

Question: I am writing a Sci-fi story with a military group injected with a specific serum that gives them certain abilities in fighting aliens. I have

Continue reading "Having Multiple characters."

Story Structure

Question: I want to write a novel about the experiences of four friends living in the 1950s. Can I write a few chapters at the beginning that show their

Continue reading "Story Structure"

Too much happining in each chapter

Question: OK, so I have been writing for a while and I realized that each chapter does the same thing at the end and it took me a while to realize what

Continue reading "Too much happining in each chapter"

Dialogue spacing separate from text

Question: Does each bit of dialogue stand separately from any descriptive narrative text that would follow it? Answer: Well, dialogue is generally separated

Continue reading "Dialogue spacing separate from text"


Question: I am writing a story from the viewpoints of three different characters, there are going to be a lot of names throughout the story and I'm unsure

Continue reading "Characters"

Is my plot enough?

Question: I'm writing a young adult novel about a boy who comes to Italy to study art for the summer and starts falling in love with the son of the host

Continue reading "Is my plot enough?"

Writing help/feedback

Question: I decided to start writing short stories to improve my writing before getting back to my book and I think they are turning out really good. I

Continue reading "Writing help/feedback"

Psychological horror

Hi I need to write a paper on psychological horror and need a clear definition. Do you have one, and from where to you have it? Sure, I can find one on

Continue reading "Psychological horror"

Pacing a storyline

Question:What are some good strategies for pacing a storyline that covers 2 years? Answer: Not the easiest question to answer, but here are some thoughts...

Continue reading "Pacing a storyline"

Two plotlines that don't have much to do together

Question: I plan to write a pretty long sci-fi fiction story. I spent a lot of years writing but (mostly rewriting) this story, wrote about 400 pages

Continue reading "Two plotlines that don't have much to do together"

My plot is real life

Question: Can I write my story, all true, sadly horrifying, and in continuance, from the perspective of me telling a true story about someone. I would

Continue reading "My plot is real life"

Help on detail

Question: Hi, i am writing my book and I really think that the plot was generating way too fast. In about a few pages A character died but I am starting

Continue reading "Help on detail"

Is citing necessary in a short work of fiction?

Question: I am writing a very short story that is a work of fiction (Sci-Fi genre). In it I reference...scientific information, such as the discovery

Continue reading "Is citing necessary in a short work of fiction?"


Question: There are many important characters in my novel. That's why I use a third-person omniscient perspective. When I write a book, the events come

Continue reading "Perspective"

First Person POV

Question: If I am writing in the first person,is the following acceptable dialogue? What are you thinking about George? I'm just thinking how lovely

Continue reading "First Person POV"

Ist person phone-call format

Question: Like Marrisa from Ohio, I also have a question about phone-call format. My story is also first person narration. Not all phone calls are one

Continue reading "Ist person phone-call format"

Plot and Filler

Question: I'm writing a fantasy novel, and I feel like every chapter is boom, plot development or boom, here's a new important character and I want to

Continue reading "Plot and Filler"

When Mystery author becomes popular

Dear Glen, Thanks for your novel planning book. I have written five romance books and a series of five mystery books. My first mystery is published in

Continue reading "When Mystery author becomes popular"

What genre would this be?

Question: I wrote something but I don't know how to classify it. It's about someone who goes on telling their partner the story of their life and career,

Continue reading "What genre would this be?"

Synopsis of nonlinear narrative

Question: How to write the synopsis of nonlinear narrative? I also have two protoganists (in love with each other but has different story goal). To whom

Continue reading "Synopsis of nonlinear narrative"


Question: I'm writing a historical fiction story set in the 1800s based on real historical events. As the second draft currently stands, the protagonist

Continue reading "Transitions"

Story goal

Question: In my story a character is given an antique mirror from her father. On the night of her birthday when she is asleep, she hears a voice telling

Continue reading "Story goal"

Writing two POV in one chapter

Question: How can I change the third person POV to the first person POV? to let the readers feel the scene? in one chapter? Answer: The short answer

Continue reading "Writing two POV in one chapter"

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