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How to Write a Thriller

See how to write a thriller story -- the essential traits and plot structure.

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I can't figure out a pivotal loaction.

Question: I'm not wholly sure if this counts as a plot question, but I couldn't figure out where else to put it, so I might as well, right? I've been

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Stress Relief for Writers

Methods of stress relief for writers with deadlines or other sources of stress in their lives.

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Question: I want to introduce a new POV into my story. This is necessary because I want to show what she's going through to the reader since she's strongly

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How to Write a Novel

See how to write a novel with proper plot structure, unique characters, and powerful themes.

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Character motivation in YA Decision Story

Question: I have a YA WIP about a 17 y/o who wanted to be a musician and train at Juilliard. However she is diagnosed with a neurological disorder which

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How to write a phone conversation?

Q&A on how to write a phone conversation

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How to Structure a Novel


Discover how to structure a novel and the basic variations of story structure.

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How to Improve Your Writing

how to improve your writing

See how to improve your writing style for both fiction and nonfiction, without having to memorize a lot of rules..

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How to Write with Style

How to Write with Style: Techniques to improve your fiction writing.

Continue reading "How to Write with Style"

Editing Your Own Book

substantive self-editing

Editing your own book stage one -- substantive editing

Continue reading "Editing Your Own Book"

How to Proofread a Book

proofread your book

How to proofread a book or novel.

Continue reading "How to Proofread a Book"

Should you write a novel with ai

Write with artificial intelligence

Can you... or should you... try to write a novel with ai?

Continue reading "Should you write a novel with ai"

What to do if your novel is too short?

What do do if your novel is too short? Developing vs padding a story.

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Choosing Fictional Names

Question: When trying to write a novel, the thing that gives me the most trouble is picking names. Names of people, names of places, names of ANYTHING.

Continue reading "Choosing Fictional Names"

Choosing Good Names for Book Characters

Q&A Tips on choosing good names for book characters

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If your character is an angel, should you give them flaws?

Q&A on the subject of whether fictional characters who are angels should be given flaws or presented as perfect.

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The Harry Potter Series: Story Structure and Dramatica

Harry Potter structure

A look at the story structure of the Harry Potter series through the lens of Dramatica.

Continue reading "The Harry Potter Series: Story Structure and Dramatica"

Save the Cat Story Structure

Save the Cat Story Structure

How the "Save the Cat Story Structure" compares with Dramatica

Continue reading "Save the Cat Story Structure"

How to Structure a Story

story structure

All theories of how to structure a story lead to one conclusion.

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