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compelling story ideas

By Glen C. Strathy

Have you ever struggled to write compelling story ideas for your fiction writing projects? I mean, genuinely compelling story ideas -- ones that will grab your readers by the lapel and force them to keep reading, to find out what happens next? Ideas that will capture their imagination and tug at their emotions?

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier, faster way to find such ideas? A method that would work for virtually any genre and let you produce a limitless supply of ideas that could fuel your fiction writing hobby or career for years to come?

Well, after many years of teaching creative writing, I've developed a very effective method to help students write compelling story ideas. And I'm very excited to share this with you in my new online creative writing course... Compelling Story Ideas.

Let me tell you a little bit about it...

A Great Story Starts With A Great Idea

Whether you are...

  • A beginning fiction writer who struggles to find ideas for stories.
  • A practicing writer who wants to create better story ideas -- ones your readers will find more engaging and you will be more excited to write.
  • An advanced writer who wants to save time by making sure your story idea is sound before you commit to writing a short story or novel.

-- this course is for you!

In just a few short lessons, (which you can complete in less than a day, if you are pressed for time) you will be find yourself coming up with better story ideas, with less stress than you ever imagined.

What Makes a Compelling Story Idea?

In simple terms, to write compelling story ideas, you must include certain key elements that have been proven to engage a reader's interest and compel them to keep reading.

Regardless your level of writing skills, beginning your writing process with a great idea means:

  • You will be more motivated to write and finish the story.
  • Your readers are more likely to find the story emotionally engaging and ultimately satisfying.
  • Your chances of writing a publishable story will be higher.

Moreover, beginning with an idea that has all the key elements in place can save you many hours of rewriting you might otherwise have to do... if you later discover your finished manuscript (which you spent months working on) is emotionally flat because it's missing an important element.

"Learn by Doing" How to Write
Compelling Story Ideas

But this isn't a course on literary theory. It's a hands-on workshop that combines creative brainstorming with powerful and flexible formulae that have been proven to help you write compelling story ideas.

You can begin with a blank page and in a few hours create a thick file of story ideas you can't wait to start writing. Each lesson guides you through an important part of the process for coming up with unique characters, and then writing compelling story ideas around your chosen characters. Character and concept will be closely intertwined before you even write a word of your story.

In just a few short hours, you can easily develop a fistful of story ideas you can use to jumpstart your fiction writing career or hobby.

Or you can take your time, seriously commit to the process, and create enough great story ideas to fuel years of fun creative writing.

Course Includes...

To make things easy for you, I've decided to host this course on Teachable, one of the leading online education platforms. They handle tuition and course delivery in an easy, reliable, and secure manner.

Your course includes 2 modules, containing 9 video lessons, a worksheet, plus a course overview. Each lesson includes practical exercises, and the exercises build upon each other, taking you one step at a time through the process of creating great character and story ideas.

And there's more...

FREE Bonus Lessons

Included with the course are several bonus lessons designed to help you improve your story idea generating process. These include...

  • How to Create Story Ideas from Random Elements.
  • How to Create Story Ideas by Starting with Setting.
  • 8 Tips on How to Make Your Creative Process More Effective.
  • How to Quickly Improve Any Existing Story Idea.

FREE Professional Feedback
(time-limited offer)

For a limited time, I'm also offering students like you the opportunity to send one of your polished ideas to me for feedback. Obviously, this may change as the number of students grows. So feel free to take advantage by enrolling now at the low price of just US$49.99.

Never Again Run Short
of Story Ideas

If you've ever struggled with trying to come up with a great idea for a story, this course will show you how to overcome that challenge -- permanently!

And if you're just starting out writing stories, the techniques covered can save you long hours you might otherwise spent trying to come up with your first great story idea. In fact, after this course, you'll likely have more compelling story ideas than you have time to write.

Just click below to enroll today and start finding your best story ideas ever...

Enroll Now!

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