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By Glen C. Strathy

These days, the internet puts a wealth of writers resources at your fingertips – articles, ezines, courses, research materials, etc. Gone is the era when you had to spend endless hours in the public library researching a topic or hunt through used book sales for outdated copies of The Writer's Market.

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Of course, the offline resources still exist and have continued to grow in number. There are hundreds of books and magazines on writing, local writing groups, libraries, continuing education courses, and workshops you can turn to for advice on honing your craft or selling your work.

In general, it can be of immense help to explore some of the writers resources available, especially when you're just starting out. You can find help on everything from the basics of how to write, to the specifics of writing within your chosen genre, to support groups that can help you improve your manuscript, to the business side of writing (markets, self-promotion, selling your book, networking etc.)

You do have to resist the temptation to explore all these resources before actually writing your book. Learning about writing can be a great excuse for not writing.

The sad truth is that there are so many people who want to become writers that an virtual industry has sprung up to sell them vast numbers of books, courses, and other materials. You can spend a lot of money to hear the same advice over and over from different sources. And in the meantime, your half-finished manuscript gathers dust.

The trick is to strike a balance. Find a few good resources that are credible and that offer you the kind of help you're looking for. Take the help you need to solve the problem in front of you, and leave the rest for when you need it. And never become so obsessed with learning about writing that you stop making time to write.

In the following pages, we will try to review some of the writers resources we've found personally useful. We won't try to be comprehensive – that would be impossible. But we hope they will help you take your next step...

Guest Article: Book Marketing for Authors: 3 Marketing Streams You Should Swim In

JP Jones, author of two books on book marketing, discusses her three most important marketing methods for authors.

Recommended Books On Writing See our recommended books on writing and tell us about your favourites as well.

Writers Associations Find writers associations that can offer you information and support in writing and publishing your book.

The Midwest Book Review This online publication not only reviews a wide range of independent books, it offers many articles on publishing and book promotion and provides links to other sites useful to writers.

For more writers resources return to How to Write a Book Now .

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