The Writers Resources Cafe

Writing is a solitary craft. The Writers Resources Café ( was created to make it less so. The great contradiction is that writing is a primary method of communicating. But while building your communication, you are as isolated as a spelunker in a deep, dark cave.

This group of writers, The Writers Resources Café regulars found companionship and compatibility in public writers? groups. Their connection existed in their love of writing, their goals of being read and published and their mutual admiration for their skills.

Each of them had credits and credentials--professional journalists and editors, published authors, freelancers. And each was actively writing. The Writers Resources Café ( was opened.

There the regulars commiserate with other writers. They share tips for newcomers on freelance writing; drafting articles and essays; fiction writing; poetry; how to successfully submit to editors; which editors or publishers to select and how to convey point of view. They touch on all the conundrums that writers who seek publication face.

Some Writers Resources Café regulars are also artisans who utilize their writing skills to advance their art and offer their ideas to budding entrepreneurs.

The site is a friendly intera-ctive place where other isolated writers can send examples of their writing by following prompts for getting started, getting confidence and getting published.

Lower case or capital W, all writers are welcome at the Writers Resources Café

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