Writing a first novel through Dramatica Pro 4

by Patricklee Hamilton
(Los Angeles Ca)

Does Dramatica Pro4 have all the essential tools needed to successfully write a first Novel?

No, you also need a good writing style. Dramatica is designed to help you balance the dramatic elements such as plot, character, and theme. You have to be good at description, characterization, dialogue, point of view, etc.

Dramatica helps with the general story points. You have to create the concrete illustrations for each point.

Moreover, If I understand the '8' critical elements you've outlined though your instruction, will using Dramatica Pro4 be useful?

It can be. For instance, Dramatica actually acknowledges over 50 elements that go into a story (including the 8 essential plot elements). You may only know certain things about your story when you begin, but entering those choices may be enough to let Dramatica give you guidelines as to what the missing elements should be about. You can also play with different sets of choices until you find a story form that best fits your concept of the story.

I understand the program asks many questions during the entire process of writing for film or novels as I have read. However, will Dramatica Pro4 allow me to steer the ship as I see fit and correct me if along the way, I start to veer off course or outside its parameters?

No one can tell you what choices to make or what to write. That's up to you. What Dramatica can do is help you to think through your story concept. It can make suggestions that would make sense given the choices you feel most strongly about.

Bear in mind that following your passion is often more important than having the perfect story design. Whenever you find there's a conflict between the two, go with your passion.

Dramatica is most helpful when your passion hasn't got a clue. For instance, when you have no idea how to fill in a sagging middle. It can also open you up to possibilities you haven't considered before.

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