Writing a entire book about a corporation.

by Austin


I want to write a book about the history of youtube that will cover good parts of it and bad. Would I be able to do so or would I run into legal or copyright troubles.

Answer: First my obligatory disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. The following is what I believe to be true...

When writing nonfiction, you have the same freedoms as journalists. As long as you credit your sources you are allowed to quote them. You are also allowed to give your opinion and analysis. That's called free speech.

You are not allowed to lie, misquote, or slander (which is lying or misrepresenting in a way that hurts someone's business). Of course, if the truth hurts someone's business, that's probably their fault. You're just the messenger serving the public interest.

For evidence of this, check out the nonfiction section of your local library or bookstore, where you will find many books critically discussing corporations. Also, try googling "journalism ethics," which will point you to more complete and precise answers to your question.

Best of luck.

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