without the complete 8 easy steps

by Ria
(Manila, Philippines)

Question: I've been writing since I was 10 years old .. Now I'm 15 .. ^_^

the thing here is, I write stories with just 3-5 of these 8 elements. Do you think this can be a good story?
okay, I only use story goal, consequences, requirements, and forewarnings .. And my specialty, BEHIND STORY ..
I'm always putting another story behind the main story. Do you think my strategy would help?
AND REALLY THANK YOU FOR THIS !!! I've been looking for this for a loooooooong time .. ^______________^

Answer: Goal, Consequence, Requirements, and Forewarnings are the most important of the 8 static plot elements. You can't really have a plot without them. The others are helpful, but less essential.

Dramatica theory is all about showing you how to write stories that feel dramatically complete. Not every good story is complete, but many stories can be improved by including some of the missing elements.

Having a bigger or deeper story underlying the immediate story is a fine technique, especially if you want create a mystery for the reader. Sometimes, this is done when you want to lay the ground for a sequel that will continue the underlying story.

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