will this plot/ story be interesting? already working on it quite a lot...

by pipi

Question: The fall of Atlantis (and some events which led to it) was due to Pandora's box being opened. 12 girls were born with 12 powers and their rebirth is being told twice throughout the book series. their first lives are from famous historic star-crossed lovers and deaths and their current stories are from fairy tales with good endings. but the 'war of roses' happens after the happy ending (both parties want the Pandora's box for themselves but no one knows if that legend is true') and it results to a 20 year war. I'll be using the moves of the longest chess game ever played as each chapter and it's story as it's being let to the final battle and the key figures in the story as the chess pieces with occasional twists.

Answer: It sounds as though you are working on an epic or a series. (Publishers generally like series better, because publishing a standard length novel costs less to print and is less of a commitment. If it sells well, they may offer you a contract for other books in the series.)

Assuming this is young adult fiction, the concept sounds fine. Of course, what counts is not the concept but the execution -- your writing style and voice, the characters, and the plot.

Your challenge will be to make sure the first book in the series has a tight and compelling plot and one character the reader will fall in love with. Even if it's just the opening moves in the chess game (or act one), make sure it has a good resolution that sets the stage for what comes next.

Don't feel compelled to introduce all 12 girls in the first book.

Best of luck.

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