two main characters

by Marissa

Question: I'm writing a series and the first book is about introducing one of the main characters to that world and he's telling the story but then the second book introduces another main character and I want her to tell the story also. So through out the rest of the series both characters will be telling the story but in the first one only the one will. So is that ok or should I have another one of the main character tell the story in the first one with the other main character because my main characters are like a team so there's like 7 of them.

Answer: There's nothing wrong with either approach. You simply have to decide what the arc of your second character is and when you want it to begin. At what point in your main character's story do you want the second character to meet him/her?

Usually, if the first book is told from one point of view, that character will be the main character for the series. The climax of the series will hinge on his/her choice or action - rather like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

Within that frame work, you can have other point of view characters, each with their own stories that may be interwoven with the main character's. All may contribute to how the series unfolds. However, you have no obligation to make other characters POV characters. It's your choice.

I will also say that the first book should be about more than just introducing the story world. It should have its own complete and compelling story (so that the reader will be satisfied and enjoy the book enough to buy the second one). It should also begin the overall arc of the series, hooking the reader into wanting to read the next installment.

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