too much drama?

by Ria
(Manila, Philippines)

Question: I know it's not a problem for too much funny .. how about the too much tragic? or the "too much sad? " or lots of crying scenes?

Example: The guy who has fallen soooooooooo deeeeeep in love with a girl. But the girl doesn't love him at all. Then, he becomes crazy as he keeping the girl in his hand AS IN TOTALLY CRAZY that he doesn't even care about himself and do everything just to get the girl. What do you think? Is it too much sad??

Answer: It all depends on what you do with that character.

True, you can make a character so pathetic that the reader loses respect for him. But is that the end of his story? Perhaps he eventually finds a true, more mature love with someone else who can love him back.

Or, what if the girl finds herself in a desperate situation and your lovesick guy is the only who who comes through for her - and not like an emotional weakling, but with a display of real strength? An act like could win back the reader's respect and might change the girl's opinion as well.

And even if he doesn't redeem himself, that can work if it fits the message your story is trying to convey. For instance, he might be there as a contrast to healthy attraction, or as a warning to other characters about the pitfalls of love.

The thing about story elements is that they mean little on their own. The meaning comes from their relationship with other elements of the story.

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by: Anonymous

thaaaaank youuu !!!!
this helps a lot ! :D

Forrest Gump, Too
by: Anonymous

This reminds me of Forrest Gump where he falls so deeply in love with Jenny that he goes through all of this emotional torment and confusion and he saves her many times, juts to be with her, and in the end they meet up again and she apologizes for leaving him so many times and being so cold because she was "messed up for a really long time", and they get together. It was such an amazing moment. <3

yes !
by: Anonymous

woah ! great idea !! yes ! yes ! it will be good if the guy has one inability unlike normal people right ?
Forest Gump doesn't have a normal way of thinking .. LOL

Too crazy
by: Anonymous

If he goes crazy for her maybe you can have him kill her. "I can't have you so no one else will" kinda thing. As for having too much drama, I'm not really sure. That's what I'm trying to figure out. Good luck with your story;)

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