This is too predictable, isn't it?

by Sam
(Jacksonville, NC, USA)

Question: In my novel-in-progress, I have two characters who are friends. I like them as a couple and want them to fall for each other. The boy is immortal and in the story the girl becomes immortal to join him. Too predictable, isn't it?

Answer: If that were their whole story, then it would be a little too straightforward.

However, you should remember, as Shakespeare said, that "the course of true love never did run smooth." That may not always be true in real life, but it is in fiction.

What you have to consider is that their relationship needs to be challenged and tested by events in the story. While there may be millions of love stories that have a happy ending, all successful romance stories have problems in the middle.

The basic arc goes like this...

Act 1: The couple's relationship is established. Maybe it's love at first sight or maybe it's hate at first sight or even indifference. You decide.

Act 2: The relationship deepens. The emotional connection between them changes and becomes more intense. It may turn romantic for the first time.

Act 3: Black moment. Something happens that threatens their relationship. They may break up, be separated, or become enemies. There may be lies, sacrifices, misinterpretations or third parties involved.

Act 4: Resolution. They miraculously overcome their obstacles and cement their relationship for all time (or at least it looks that way).

As for the issue of girl marrying an immortal boy... sure there are other stories where this happens (e.g. Twilight). The trick is to give their relationship a completely different set of challenges, twists, and events so that your story becomes unique.

Best of luck.

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