Thinking about writing a book about the funny things my grandsons say

by Cathy Youngblood
(Carthage TX)

Question: I've been posting some of the funny things my grandsons say on facebook. Several people have suggested I write a book. I'm undecided if I should or not. Here are a few samples of what the kids say.

Landon said we lost power because they forgot to put new batteries in it.Landon 5 years old

Jacob told me that he can run for president when he's 35 if he wants to. Asked me if I'd like to live in the White House? I said, I may not be alive by the time you're 35. He said, If you're not I'll start a family cemetery there. If he's president I'll be going to the white house one way or another, dead or alive. Lol! Jacob 11 years old. October 2016

I told Jacob he needs jogging pants for gym because it's cold in the mornings. He said but I don't jog. I said well sweat pants then. He said I don't want my pants to sweat. Lol! Jacob 8 years old

Earlier today I told Cayden we were fixing to nap. He wasn't happy about it. He said, I don't love you today but I'll love you tomorrow. Lol! He went right to sleep and loved me when he woke up. Lol! Cayden 3 years old, January 10th. 2017

Is there an interest for this?
Thank you, Cathy Youngblood

Answer: There are some precedents for this type of project, such as the old TV series Kids Say the Darndest Things, or the more recent twitterfeed/TV series $@*! My Dad Says. Generational gap humour is quite marketable.

I would suggest you continue posting these on twitter or Facebook and see if you can grow a following. If you reach the point where your followers number in the millions, you would have a solid platform. You could then put together a book proposal to show to publishers. Remember that publishing is risky business, and publishers will want proof that your particular voice is in demand before they offer you a contract.

One challenge you will face is whether you can get enough quality material from your grandchildren to post often enough to keep readers subscribed to your feed. Daily postings are ideal, but getting enough might put you in the odd position of trying to get your grandchildren to say funny things more often, and undermining the authenticity of their utterings.

Another issue is how many other people may have similar feeds (and I can't tell you this offhand).

Bottom line: keep doing what you are doing as long as it's fun and see how far it takes you. But don't get ahead of yourself. It's easy to tell someone "you should write a book," but harder to make money marketing one.

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