Things adults typically do, ways they act, things they say.

by Branden K. Hall
(Florida, United States)

Question: What are some things that are cliché in the adult world (i.e. things typical of adults that teens wouldn't know) that a YA writer could draw upon to connect with adults through their writing.

Answer: Your best bet is to spend time observing and talking to adults of the right age. Second to that would be to look at popular magazines, which are filled with articles attempting to address the fears, desires, and concerns adults face.

A few typical concerns...

Security (Am I paying my bills? Is my job safe? Is my home safe? Are my savings secure?)
Achieving goals (Is my career on track? Will I be able to retire? Will I have the family, the home I want? Will I achieve my dream?)
Children (Am I doing enough for them? Are they turning out all right? Do they have all the advantages they could have? Are they going to be healthy enough?)
Aging (Will I have what I want before I am too old to achieve it or enjoy it? My health, my looks, my attractiveness, my worth... are they slipping away?)
Regrets (Why did I let this relationship slip away? Why didn't I make a better career move? Why did I not pursue my dream? Is it too late to find happiness?)

Many teens don't worry about these things because their problems tend to be more in the present. Adults have more of a past to reflect on and see less of a future in which to accomplish their dreams.

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Thank you
by: Branden K Hall

I appreciate your appreciation of my question, and your answer is extremely helpful. I'm gonna go pick up some magazines right now, and read them with adults (two birds with one stone.) And, the section addressing the concerns of adults really mentioned questions and thoughts I never realized the typical adult had.

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