Star Wars

by Beth
(South Jordan, UT)

Question: Would it be possible for you to post a complete analysis of Star Wars, A New Hope? Preferably including the signposts for all four throughlines and, dare I ask, the sequences beneath? It would help in my understanding of how to structure scenes, sequences and events.

Answer: To be honest, I have resisted this because Star Wars: A New Hope is one of the examples that comes with the Dramatica software, so unless I eventually decide I can present a better analysis in my own words, I feel that would be infringing on Melanie Anne Phillips' work.

However, I did do a quick analysis of the throughlines in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. You can read it here...

Hope that helps.

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Fair Enough
by: Beth

Ok, but can I just say that I've been studying Dramatica for a year now (including the software), and thanks to your Star Wars partial analysis (and your website in general), I am finally getting a handle on it! Thanks for being a source of clarity.

To Beth
by: Glen

Thanks for the kind feedback. I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

A New Hope, OS signpost 4
by: Beth

Hi again, I am studying your analysis and the Dramatica analysis of A New Hope. Your analysis (here: shows that signpost 4 is basically the medals ceremony. Dramatica seems to say that signpost 4 is the Destruction of the Death Star. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something. Can you help clarify? Thanks for your help!

To Beth
by: Glen

Hi Beth,

You're quite right to point this out. I don't remember how long ago I wrote that response to a question, but I may go back and correct it now.

I think the actual crisis (4th driver) in Star Wars occurs when the Empire discovers the location of the rebel base. OS Signpost 3 consists of the activities involved in escaping the Death Star. The rebels assault on the Death Star is the OS Signpost 4, and the destruction of the Death Star is the final driver or climax. The Outcome is shown by heroes congratulating each other back at the rebel base.

I would now call the medals ceremony an illustration of the Main Character Judgment. Luke's 4th signpost would be his decision to trust the Force rather than his targeting computer.

Hope that makes better sense.

Thanks, very clear!
by: Anonymous

Thanks you that is very helpful, especially the reminder to include the drivers!

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