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hello again,

So I'm developing my story like this: a 12 yo girl (ex:Ros) lives a hard life. Her mother has to take care her crazy step-father and her step-brother so doesn't really have time for her. Unlike another poor girl, Ros love to study while work. However how hard she works her mother never appreciates and she never makes a lot of money. One day she hears about new student's selection for a school in the city, far away from her village. This school provide a chance for its student to get a good job. So she decides to apply this school and take a journey to the city even with her mother's skepticism. Unintentionally she rides in a boat which is own by a group of bandits.
She later find out that the school only accept noble family.
I plan for her to be accepted in the school finally but I'm confused. Should I create something/one that can fake her identity and make her a false noble so she could break the barrier? Or is it better for her to stay who she is and find another way (which I couldn't think of how it will be ,not yet :D)
I have some difficulties to turn these into signposts for 4 throughlines? Could you give me some advice?

Thanks for your attention.

Response Please understand that I cannot write your story for you. You must choose the events yourself.

However, based on what you have so far, I think you might consider one of the bandits as a candidate for the impact character (someone who can pressure her to take a different approach to her problem. Perhaps this is someone who can help her with a false identity?

In the end, she may not decide to follow this person's example. She may choose at the climax to be honest about who she is. But sometimes a character can try a different approach before making their final decision.

So far, what you have is essentially act 1. Again, I can't write it for you, but this is how your signposts appear to me...

Main Character Signpost 1: This should be an event that shows how she copes with her difficult situation at the start of the story by being honest.

Overall Story Signpost 1: She learns about the opportunity to attend school and decides to apply.

Relationship Signpost 1: She is captured by the bandit.

Impact Character Signpost 1: The bandit shows her how to use dishonesty to achieve her goals.

Of course, you will have to decide what the bandit's motive might be.

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