Problem with changing plots.

by Maya

Question Every time I sit down to start plotting my novel, I begin to change it and tweak it until I come to the conclusion that I need to create an entirely different story and scrap the idea I was plotting. Over the past two years, I have changed the plot, idea, and characters so much I have filled up two journals. Do you have any tips that can help me stick to one plot and finally finish my first novel?

Answer: Ah, the plotter's downfall!

You might try participating in NaNoWriMo (google the word) or setting up an equivalent challenge for yourself.

The idea is to write 50,000 words within 30 days (roughly 1667 words/day). You don't edit or revise during the challenge, you just keep writing.

The exercise forces you to stop planning and actually start writing, as well as to stick with the first ideas that come to you.

Of course, you will revise after the challenge is over. But with a complete draft done, you can approach the revision with a better sense of the story.

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