point of view

by Taylor Buckley

Question: I started with my main character in my book how do I start a chapter with a different characters point of view?

Answer: The short answer is that you just start. Pretend you've decided to write the story again, but from the point of view of the second character.

It's a little easier in third person, because you your narrative voice can call the second character by name, letting the reader know right away that the point of view has shifted. In first person, you will need to give other clues so the reader realizes the shift has occurred. For instance, the character may think differently, and his/her style of thought will be reflected in the language. Also, time and place may be different, so you will want clues that orient the reader, just as you would whenever you change settings.

If you still feel uncertain, take a look at some successful books that are written from more than one character's perspective. Look at the places where the point of view shifts. Ask yourself what makes the transitions work easily, so that you don't get confused.

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