Plans are a Godsend

by Mickey Dee
(Eugene, Oregon, US)

Question: I actually love making outlines. I have a crazy mind, and pantsing sends me into one plot in one chapter, and a completely different one the next. Outlines keep me on track, and I'm weird and find it fun to have my story set up in front of me, ready and waiting to be written. I'm currently working on an outline for a book I'm writing, and I want to make sure I have it correct and viable before I dive into a 400-page manuscript. Do you have any tips for a checklist I can make to look for in my outline to make sure it'll work well and concise?

Answer: Have you looked at this site? Because I would say that tips on plotting a novel (making an outline) is our primary focus.

Some resources here to get you started...

Our most popular article about the 8 Key Elements of Plot...

Writing an Outline...

(Actually, any of the articles on the "Write a Novel" page.)

The W-Plot

Or any of the articles on the "Other Story Models" page, depending on what type of story you are writing.

Also, the "Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook" contains a set of worksheets and instructions designed to help with the process of creating, developing, and outlining a novel.

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