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by Sophie Sandburg

What is the Best way to arrange Plot points of my Novel Storyline (Major and Minior ones) to increase the dramatic-ness, action-ness?

I also would like to know and Most how I can use structure and setting to increase the readers Sense of the inevitable, despair and hopelessness?
And how can I best diminish any distance between readers and characters with the use of language? I'm working at making my character more believable and likable But are there Terms of words I cold be using to quadruple the effect like using emotive language in quotes or turning points?

Answer: Several articles on this site discuss dramatic structure. For example...

Structure, when articulated well, goes a long way to create an emotionally compelling story.

However, if you want an exact formula regarding what words to use, you're going down the wrong path. To move a reader emotionally requires a certain authenticity of language which is idiosyncratic. Writing that is too formulaic inevitably feels inauthentic.

What you have to do is trust your own emotions and your own voice as you write.

Once you have your plot outlined, including the different throughlines, it's a good idea to write a summary of each event in the story on an index card and play with the order of these events until you find one that feels emotionally compelling to you.

When you get to the actual writing, you have to find your own voice. Trust your feelings. You have all the words you need inside you.

It does take practice to find your voice. While there are a few style tips that may help, especially when revising (see this page, and you may benefit from reading avidly, the best way to learn to write well is to write a lot. Maybe you have to re-write each chapter 10 times in the beginning until it does what you intend. So what? The result will be far more rewarding than trying to copy someone else's formula.

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