novel writing difficulty

by Brianna Commodore-Mensah
(Greater Accra)

Question: Is it easy to write a novel at the age of 13?

Answer: It's not easy to write a novel at any age, but it can be quite rewarding (personally, not financially). And there have been a few writers who published their first book at a young age.

It will take tremendous self-discipline to put the hours required. Most people take anywhere from several months to several years to write a novel. You need to love the story you're creating and the characters, because that passion is what will keep you going.

It's one thing to find an idea that excites you enough to write the first chapter. The real challenge usually comes in the second act, when all the plot problems emerge and you lose sight of where the story is going. For this reason, I strongly recommend making an outline of the entire story before you start, to act as a roadmap. Use the articles on this site to help you.

After you've written a first draft, you may need to spend as much time again in revision. However, if you persevere and make the novel as good as you can, you will have learned an awful lot about writing and about yourself. You will have achieved something most people only dream about. It will be a badge of honour you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

What's more, if your ambition is to be a writer, getting the first novel out of the way can be an important step. It will make the next novel seem less daunting. (And, to be honest, it is often the second or third novel someone writes that turns out to be the masterpiece.)

One thing you might consider is participating in the Young Writer's program at ...

You can participate anonymously and online during the month of November. It doesn't cost anything. The idea is to challenge yourself to write up to 50,000 words in 30 days.

Again, I recommend you write an outline first, because that will help you to not get stuck.

I sincerely wish you luck with thus task. And I guarantee you that everyone reading this page will be rooting for you. (As writers, we're all in this together.)

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