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by Sofy (nickname)

Hi! Thanks for reading!

Here are my questions!

1. How do I choose a title for my novels / books?

2. How do I check my grammar if I self-publish my novels?

3. Can I start on another novel if I'm stuck on my first novel? Is it a bad idea?

4. How do I convince my Asian parents to let me self-publish my novels? I'm 12. My grades are pretty good.

5. As an introvert, how do I tell my parents that I want to publish novels?

6. How to hook readers?

7. Tips for new writers?

I'm sorry if that's too much questions. Thank you for answering!

Have a nice day! Best wishes!


Hi Sofy,

1. There are many approaches to choosing a title. Sometimes a phrase will just come to you that captures the essence of the story. Sometimes a phrase from the story itself woks. And sometimes a publisher will change it for you to satisfy their marketing dept. All you need until then is a working title.

2. Most word processors have a grammar check, but you can't rely on it. You just have to know your grammar and proofread carefully -- or find someone who is good at proofreading and have them check for you (or several people).

3. You should experiment a little to find out what schedule works best for you. Sometimes taking a break from a story can recharge your creative batteries. Just don't fall into the habit
of never finishing anything. Most people find routines help. (Stephen King writes 5 pages a day, which is how he can write two books a year. You might start with a more modest daily or weekly goal.)

4. If you want to convince your parents, I'd suggest you try entering some writing contests (ones that don't cost money to enter). If you win, they'll be convinced, especially if there's a cash prize. There are many contests around. Look for some open to young people. Maybe your school has one. Don't be discouraged if you don't win any right away. Just keep writing and trying. And if a story doesn't work, try to rewrite it to make it better.

5. Getting to the point of publishing novels will be a long-term project. As long as your parents let you have some time to write, maybe start with short stories. By the time you're ready to be publishing novels, telling your parents may be a lot easier.

6. Two tried and true ways to hook readers are to create a bit of mystery or a bit of suspense on the first page. Make them want to read on to find out either a) what's going on or b) what will happen next. Read the first pages of some novels to see how this is done.

7. This whole website is about tips for beginning writers. Other than that, you should read a lot and write a lot.

Best of luck.

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