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by anita Montoya
(Pueblo Colo.)

Question: Do I leave my family names out knowing they hate me. afraid they will try to sue. plus who can be a ghost writer?

Answer: Writing a book about your personal history can be very therapeutic and satisfying, but it's seldom something that can or should be shared with the world, unless you're either very famous or your story is so unusual that it has commercial value. Releasing personal information to the world can cost you as much as your relatives. Plus, autobiographies of non-famous people generally don't sell.

If you plan on self publishing your book, regardless whether you make money, then it is safer to change the names and any other identifying information. For instance, if the business or career of one of your relatives suffers because of the book, they might have grounds to sue you, and you don't need that sort of trouble.

There are professional ghost writers, however they are expensive. A ghost writer is entitled to the entire advance plus 50% of additional royalties from a book. Since most books lose money, it is seldom worthwhile hiring a ghost writer unless...

1. You are famous enough (as above) that the book will sell enough copies for the royalties to cover the ghostwriting fees and then some.

2. You're not famous, but you know your book has tremendous commercial potential (for instance, if it is advertising for your business, if you have a huge platform, or have business secrets that are highly valuable). Usually its best to let publishers make such decisions.

3. You are wealthy enough that the costs are irrelevant to your lifestyle.

Best of luck.

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Book writting
by: Anita Montoya

Thank you for your answer. No im nit famius vur well known to our lil city. Its gonna include judges and police. Things that happened to me and my son.

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