no experience writer

by lisa t galan
(san antonio, tx, us)

Question: The only writing experience I have is essay writing in college and journal writing. I keep a daily journal, is it possible for me to write a story about my life. I brainstorm a lot and I write down ideas but I don't know where to start.

Answer: Of course it's possible. Just start writing, keep at it, and give yourself time to grow as a writer.

Some people find it helps to start with short stories (perhaps isolated events or incidents in your life). Longer stories usually require a little more planning. This site offers help with structuring longer works.

If you want to write about your life, remember that a life contains many stories. You have to find the story within your life's events that you want to tell.

It also helps to avidly read the kind of fiction you want to write, to develop your sense of style.

Best of luck.

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helpful advice
by: lisa t galan

Thank you for your advice, I wil contine writing and seek more helpful tips from your website once again your help is appreciated.

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