Love Interest?

by Christianna
(Arizona, Phoenix)

Hi! I am a huge fan of your site and I have a question...

(I am sixteen, by the way.)(Sorry for the terrible grammar ^^;)

I am currently making a story and I have two main characters (Named Alyssa and Julia), who eventually fall in love. Alyssa confesses to Julia, and Julia does admit that she also has feelings for Alyssa, but Julia does not want to be in a relationship because she is afraid her father isn't going to approve of the two dating.

Later on in the story, Alyssa and Julia end up kissing and Julia states, "We cannot be in a relationship, not matter how much we love each other."
Alyssa states," If you really loved me, you'd tell your father about us."

After that, I'm thinking of the two breaking up, but I'm not too sure...What do you think?

Answer: I think you have to decide if you are writing a romance or a romantic tragedy.

According to the Romance Writers of America, a true romance must end with the heroine finding her true love (i.e. the couple ends up together). However, this is typically preceded by a "black moment" at the crisis -- an event which suggests the relationship is doomed.

On the other hand, a romantic tragedy will feature a "white moment" at the crisis (when the relationship is at it's peak), before the story moves to a tragic resolution (e.g. The Fault in Our Stars).

Either type of story can work just fine. So far, it sounds like you are writing a tragedy, but the choice is yours. Just remember that however things look at the crisis, the final outcome will be the opposite.

Remember too that the story will be about the main character's decision. Does she stay true to her feelings or does she adopt the impact character's approach (suppress her feelings to please other people)? And will that choice lead to her happiness or unhappiness? Again, your choice.

Best of luck.

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