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by devora


I really enjoyed from your website.

I write my story and I'm in the fourth chapter. And friends tell me they do not feel they know enough my characters.

It's a new world so I have to explain a lot. I try to be interesting. But they want to read more about the characters and their emotions.

How do I put more familiarity with the characters?

Thank you!!

Answer: For some readers, plot is all important. They want an adventure, an exploration of an interesting world, physical challenges, etc.

Other readers find all that boring. What they want is to connect with a character they care about. Only when that happens will they care about the plot -- because the main character cares about what's happening.

So when you write, don't just describe the story world. Describe it through the eyes of your main character. Include the character's attitude and feelings towards everything that happens.

It also helps to give your main character an inner conflict. Who is he/she at the start of the story? What emotional wounds drive him/her? How are these attitudes challenged by someone else?

The inner conflict creates a personal tension in which the reader wonders whether the main character will change her attitude or approach. They keep reading to find out whether the character will end up happier, wiser, etc.

You'll know you're on the right track when you notice you're feeling a strong emotional attachment or involvement with your character.

Best of luck.

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What things I can tell?
by: devora

Thank you for replying so quickly.
My characters have conflict and problems and things they like or not. The problem is how to transfer them
My character is now in a difficult situation. He did not get something he really wanted and is trying to find a way to get. I am telling what he feels and what he is doing, but they want more.
The readers want to know about things get to know them. What things I can tell them so they will love the characters and want to read more about them?

Thank you very much!

To devora:
by: Glen

You must be choosy about what to tell readers, so they learn what's most essential to the story.

However, think about what traits might make your character...

Likeable (What values do they hold the reader will approve of or admire? Are they caring, funny, smart, brave, generous, etc.?)

Relatable (What traits/flaws/worries do they have that your readers do to?)

Unique (It always helps if a character can surprise the reader in some way.)

Believable (Are they consistent?)

Recognizable (Will the reader feel they have met people like the character before?)

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