keeping my protagonist interesting

by Cameron

Question: I've starting working on a story that I want to write in my spare time, and I've come across a problem that has had me stumped.

The premise is a young man in his early twenties who ends up, unwittingly, working as a bartender for supernatural creatures. I like the idea of a normal human trying to blend in and go unnoticed while having to cope with their existence and help these powerful beings with their issues.

My problem is that I want to keep my main character interesting compared to the supernatural friends and romance he gains but maintaining that human perspective. I don't want him to have special powers or be supernatural in any meaningful way. I just want him to be a normal, if slightly nerdy, human.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.

Answer: That's a fine setup (act one). (Reminds me a little of the Kenzi character in the TV show Lost Girl, but there's nothing wrong with that.)

But then, once you establish this situation, you have to ask yourself...

What goes wrong?
What forces the bartender to step out from the bar and get involved?
What problem affects this world and challenges him to the core of his being?

That will be act two.

Act three will be when it comes to a crisis, and act four will show how the problem is resolved.

That's not the only way to do it. But I do think you will have to create a story problem (Goal and Consequence) that will force your character to take an active role and grow as a person.

You might begin your brainstorming by asking yourself what consequences or problems could arise from his involvement in this supernatural world.

Best of luck.

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by: Cameron

I appreciate your quick answer. This helps greatly, thank you.

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