i have problem with expressing myself in words.

by Archie

Question: I'm a CPA and thus over time my writing knowledge got limited. Now I want to write a novel and couldn't proceed because I am not able to describe the whole surrounding properly to make reader visualize it. It's a stupid problem but please help me, how can I enhance my writing skill.

Is there any possibility that I write novellas and get it published online to see reader's reaction...please please please help...right now i want to write..PLEASE GLEN help me ...

Answer: Learning to write well takes work. The standard approach, by which most writers teach themselves is...

1. Read a lot (to develop your sense of good language, style, characterization, plot, etc.).
2. Write a lot (to develop an effective style of your own).

You can shorten the process by learning about writing through books, courses, websites (like this one), conversations with other writers, etc. But you still have to read and write a lot.

However, I wouldn't get hung up thinking that you "must" describe setting a certain way. Every good writer develops their own style, and not everyone describes setting the same way. Some writers are very hard-boiled. Others are more prosaic. You have to find a voice that works for you.

(In fact, these days lengthy passages of description have gone out the window in favour of delivering information in a more "just in time" manner.)

Great writing doesn't have to do everything right. It just has to do some things so well that they more than make up for weaker areas. For instance, a writer who is excellent at characterization and inner conflict can get away with being a little weak on plot, and vice versa. Some writers are great at plot and characters but not so strong on voice and style.

You have to develop your strengths through practice and hope they will appeal to a certain audience.

P.S. There are plenty of sites these days where you can post your writing and solicit comments. How useful those comments are varies quite a bit. You might also try taking a creative writing course or joining a local writers group.

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