I have no idea how to develop this further

by Ile

hello everyone, I am writing a novel. The protagonist is Vigdis (the whole story is set in viking Norway) and she essentially flees with her secret lover, Halfborn, since her dad won't allow them to be in a relationship. The subplot basically consists of her family trying to find them and kill them both.

However, since I am very interested in Norse mythology, I'd like to add a plot twist to this story. I would like for Halfborn to be revealed as Loki later on. How do you think I could possibly fit that into the story? How can I possibly excuse Halfborn's real identity?


I think you have to ask yourself what the story goal is.

Is this a story about how Loki seduces this woman for nefarious purposes, until the climax where she wises up and defeats the plan -- a cautionary tale, in other words, that would fall under the genre of Suspense?

Or is this a genuine Romance in which the woman finds true love, even though he is actually Loki?

Do you want a happy ending for the woman, or is this a tragedy?

If you know what genre you are in, and what kind of ending you are going for, that will help dictate how the story will build to that ending.

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