I don't know what the goal of my story is

by Niloufar


My story is set mainly in the present. A group of people have taken over the world billion years ago and our current world is their simulation just to fulfill their research needs. Each single person's life is an experiment and the determinism in our lives is them interfering indirectly with our lives to see what our reaction is (again to make conclusions of their research). Their goal is omniscience and omnipotence, mind you they have supreme members (like what lucy becomes at the end of the lucy movie (2014) but still a bit away from omniscient. In addition, their compound consists of two groups: religious and those who value knowledge before anything. The latter reigns but they try to respect and cooperate with the religious group (although not giving them any power) because the religious group is protective of the compound's identity and does the daily things to serve the scientists.

Another thing to mention, these people are either asexual or forbid any sexual reproduction as they think it's too inferior for a member to commit, or a mere distraction. Therefore they either create their members from zero ( consumes too much energy therefore not carried out much) or choose special test subjects and drag them out of their simulation life ( our life), training them to be a member. If the members fail, they are either returned to their simulation world (which most refuse to do because now that they know the truth it's painful to give up their knowledge and go back to the mortal prison) or are put into a cryogenic sleep which they will rarely wake up from, their justification is natural selection, only the best should survive.

My main character is the narrator, a normal human in our world, she doesn't have any special goals but it's more like she's dragged into this! The compound chooses her and she becomes a member, fighting to stay on the line.

But my protagonist or better to say anti-hero is a nearly-supreme member, struggling to become a fully omniscient one and on the way she falls in love with another member (So does he), but never admits it and tries to discard it because it's just a distraction. She is extremely ambitious and nearly gets
eliminated in an experiment, trying to link all the possibilities together (linking all possible worlds) but after being presumed dead she later returns with much more power, now considering her lover a serious rival, and in the end she becomes the first fully omniscient member. But I don't know how to link these two characters (main character and protagonist and what the point of my story is.) And should my story be comi-tragedy, meaning this omniscience that she gained was a bad thing?

I've learned so much from this website, and you people have created a better world by inspiring people, so thanks a billion and have a nice day!All the best.


You mention that your protagonist has the goal of omniscience, and also that this seems to be the goal of most of the members of this group. So it sounds like that is your story goal.

What you need to decide is what terrible consequence will result if that goal is not achieved. That will give your story some drive.

Your main character should ideally be someone whose choice brings about the outcome of the story. It helps if she is uniquely qualified to do make this choice, perhaps because she brings a different approach to the group

Love and the denial of love also seem to be issues.

So here's one suggestion...

Perhaps your main character is someone who understands and believes in love. I would suggest she is a steadfast character. By that I mean, though pressured to change her attitude, she ultimately chooses not to change.

Your protagonist and her lover seem destined to go to war. I would suggest the conflict between the two, as well as the conflict between the religious and the scientific factions, threaten to bring about disaster for the universe.

Because your main character chooses not to abandon her belief in love, she can at the crucial moment influence the protagonist and rival to let love heal their differences and the rift within the community. Omniscience may turn out to be not something an individual can achieve, but something that can only be achieved by two people or a group working in harmony.

That would be a happy ending (success/good).

Of course, that's just one possibility.

Best of luck.

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Apr 01, 2016
I don't know what is the message in my story
by: Cataleya

I am writing a book titled The Grudge. Basically it's about a young woman who was physically abused by her husband whom she ended up murdering. Now 20 years later and she still has nightmares about the day she murdered her husband. So now he's back and haunting her,making her life miserable but the question is:is her husband really back? Or is she still holding a grudge?
That is what my book is about but i don't know what the massage is in. I am 15 years old and i really really love writing and i want to publish my book. Please help!

Apr 02, 2016
to Cataleya
by: Glen

I would suggest you consider what problem this woman might be facing in her external world.

The ghost has most likely appeared because she is facing a key decision about how to handle her external problem. Does she do what she usually does or has done? Or does she take a chance on a new approach?

The ghost may represent or argue for one of these positions. He may either represent how she handled problems in the past, or he may try to persuade her to take a new approach. This would make him the impact character.

A happy ending would mean that she makes ultimately makes the right decision, the ghost disappears, and she settles into a happier life.

A tragic ending would mean she makes the wrong decision, resulting in unhappiness. Perhaps she will be destroyed by the ghost?

Hence, the message of the story will be that one particular decision is either the best or the worst way to handle this type of situation.

Best of luck

Jan 17, 2017
Please write this book
by: Amy

I'm really intrigued! Please continue this story, I would love to read the conclusion of this tale.

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