I can't connect with my protagonist

by Sara Staffaroni
(California )


I've got a great story and plot and I know the type of protagonist I need to write about but I'm struggling to build that deep emotional connect with her that will guide her emotions, actions and development.

How can I feel closer to her and make her feel real to the reader?

Answer: Usually the best way is to spend more time developing your protagonist until she becomes real to you. Some ways of doing that...

1. Make/invent detailed notes on everything about her.
- physical traits
- background (family, culture, home)
- relationships
- likes/dislikes
- areas of talent (or lack thereof)
- areas of knowledge (or lack thereof)
- personality traits
- strengths and weaknesses
- fears

2. Spend some time writing in her voice. Even if the book will be in third person, try writing her thoughts and feelings as if in her diary. Get familiar with her vocabulary and way of expressing herself.

3. Write from other characters perspective, but write about how they see your main character. This will help you develop these other characters as well as round out your protagonist.

4. Re: her appearance. It sometimes helps to find photographs of people who look like how you imagine your protagonist.

Best of luck.

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Using photographs of your character
by: Anonymous

Using photos of your characters really works! I started my story with seven women (might reduce that at some point) but I have found photos of how I imagine them all and it has made them much more real to me. Even minor characters, such as the main character's daughters is helpful since I can see how they might relate to each other.

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