How To Make a "Good" Character

by LucK


I'm between the ages of 10-15, and my passion is book writing. I was writing a novel about a character who overcomes most problems with lots of internal struggle instead of external. I want people to love him, but I want people to also see him as an "angel," always making the right choices but he's covering up all the struggles he is having.

Any help?


Response: The only question I would have is what the overall goal for the story is?

For instance, does this character wish people knew about his inner struggles? Does he want not just love but also recognition or understanding?

Does he want a break from these struggles? Does he sometimes wish he could be bad or care less, just to lift the burden off his shoulders?

Does he want all his efforts to do the right thing to pay off somehow?

Does he not know how much he is loved?

In other words, can you create a problem that will test his habitual approach? The problem will create the plot.

If you haven't already, you might consider creating an impact character -- someone who enters your main character's life who represents the opposite approach and tempts the main character to change. It could be someone who is more carefree or flamboyant or self-centred.

The story events would then show the main character copes with the dilemma. Does he decide to change at the crisis, or does he stay with his original approach? Does he make the best choice?

Best of luck.

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