How Might I Attempt My First Fantasy Novel?

Question: Now, I'm very young for making novels (Not going to say exactly) but I would like to know exactly how to create my own fantasy. You see, I'm trying to make it so my plots and characters go inside my own imaginary world and I've never done anything a lot like this in the past.I'm wondering how I should try it. Please try to keep the words simple, after all I might be 10 years old.

Answer: Most people who become professional writers start writing somewhere between ages 10 and 14.

The way most writers learn to write is to do two things...

1. Start reading a lot and don't ever stop. Especially read award-winning or acclaimed authors who write the types of stories you like, but read all types of stories.

2. Start writing a lot and don't ever stop. (Set a reasonable goal like so many pages per week or one short story a month or week and stick to it.)

You should love everything you write, but also be patient with yourself. By the time you finish high school, if you do the two things above, you will have developed a good writing style.

A bonus tip to speed things up...

3. Learn about writing.

You can start with this website. For instance, here...

And here...

But there are plenty of other websites that offer tips and help with writing.

Use these sites to get ideas on how to improve your stories and writing, but don't worry about getting everything right. Practice is the important thing.

Best of luck.

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