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by Jaqueline Dyer
(Riverside Ca)

Question: Okay I need a little help here cause I think I am totally lost on the genre topic of my book. I honestly don't really know how to describe the genre of my book.

There are vampires, witches, werewolves(though none but the first are in the first book)So i know that means it's a fantasy book, right?
Also though there is no sex, the only thing being the two main characters falling into each others arms half dressed in the last paragraph, I don't know how to classify it.
Please help I am beginning to get a little desperate here. I have the entire story plotted out and written, expect maybe another 6 chapters if I can manage it in order to get the word count up and fill plot holes.
Can you help me at all?

Answer: You are correct that any book with vampires could be broadly classified as fantasy. It might be more narrowly classified as paranormal or an urban fantasy, if everything else about the setting is fairly consistent with our contemporary world. If the setting is quite different, then it's a fantasy.

As for the relationship, if the love story is front and centre throughout the book and the overall plot takes a backseat to it, then you would call it a fantasy romance or paranormal romance, regardless of the amount of sex. There are such things as "sweet" romances where no sex occurs.

If the overall plot is front and centre, and the romance story or relationship throughline is secondary (for example, as with Kelly Armstrong's "Darkest Powers" trilogy), then you wouldn't call it a romance.

Don't worry too much about classification at this stage, unless you really want to target a specific audience. Sometimes it's better to write the story first and afterward worry about what niche to market it to.

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by: Jaqueline

Okay I already have the entire book written and the romance is on the back burner. Modern day setting just paranormal, so what would be the closest genre?

by: Glen

Okay, it sounds like the genre is either paranormal or urban fantasy.

The other question is whether the nature of the overall plot would put the book in a further subgenre. For instance, if it's a thriller plot with vampires added, then it's a paranormal thriller. Ditto for paranormal mystery, paranormal horror, paranormal satire, etc. (Obviously you're not doing paranormal erotica, though that's another one.)

Just remember that all of these genres are full of grey areas and overlaps. "Twilight," for instance, could be called paranormal romance or urban fantasy. And it's also young adult, because of the audience it targets.

Genre trouble
by: Anonymous

Hi, this question is very similar to one I have been asking myself. My story plays in a parallel universe so I guess it could be sci-fi, but there's not a lot of futuristic technology. Also the climax involves Magic, but Magic isn't present in the rest of the book. What am I writing? :)

by: Glen

Sounds like fantasy to me. Science fiction is technically a form of fantasy, however to count as pure science fiction it should be an extrapolation of current trends in technology, science, or culture. A parallel universe, especially one where magic can happen, is fantasy.

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