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Question: I am trying to write a game of thrones inspired book, but it's hard coming up with a plot, I have my characters and world, but I would like to do sub plots backstory etc. but it's hard, I know you will say try not to copy but I can think of any plot. So if you could help it would be most appreciated

Answer: Welcome to the writer's life.

Yes, writing stories is a lot of work. That's why the only people who stick with it are those who really enjoy writing.

The articles on this site can help you with creating a plot, but in the end it still must come from your imagination. It must be something you feel passionately inspired to write (otherwise, you'll give up on it).

You can fish for initial ideas using techniques such as...

Exquisite Corpse

Playing with Loglines

Sometimes it just takes a lot of thought and reflection before the right idea to comes to you.

After you've used the above techniques to find a few potential ideas, you might try fleshing them out a bit. Make lists of questions about each idea. Then make lists of potential answers. Sometimes this will lead you to a story that you can get excited about.

And yes, it must be original. There's no point writing another Game of Thrones because that's already been done. Your task is to find something new that offers your unique thoughts and ideas to the world. You want to write the story that only you could write because no one else has your perspective.

Best of luck.

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