figuring how to build on this...

by Dewayne Gilbert
(Texas City)

A Fairy Princess who has to find her own way of obtaining her wings

Response: Okay, you have a main character who has a goal. That's a start.

You will need to decide if "obtaining her wings" is her personal problem or the Story Goal. If it's the Story Goal, then most of the other characters will be concerned with the same thing. There will be other characters trying to earn their wings, stopping people from earning their wings, helping people earn their wings, depending on your main character to earn her wings, tempting her not to, etc.

On the other hand, the real Story Goal could be something else entirely - a different goal or problem that affects or involves most people in your story world. The main character would then, in the course of pursuing the Story Goal, resolve her personal problem or overcome the limitations that have so far prevented her from obtaining her wings.

By changing, so that she becomes worthy of obtaining her wings, she will also gain the ability to solve the Story Goal.

Once you know what the real Story Goal is, follow these suggestions...

1. Take some time to make a list of all the possible questions that come to mind regarding your story idea. You can get other people to help with this.

Then spend time brainstorming possible answers to each question. Decide on the answers that appeal to you most.

You can repeat this process several times. You may need to edit your idea for consistency.

2. Then (or during this process) have a look at this article...

... which covers the 8 Static Plot elements. Try to flesh out your story idea so that all eight are included.

3. Then (or during) round out your cast of characters. Use this article to help you...

(Feel free to check out the other articles on this page as well...

It may take a few days, but if you follow all these suggestions, you will have a very well developed story.

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