different pov from different characters within a chapter

by Anne Ho
(New Zealand)

Question: How am I going to divide the chapter when there are different pov of different characters, four the most

Answer: The rule of thumb is that you should stick to one point of view within a scene. Readers like to imagine themselves in one character's point of view, and it is quite confusing when the author pulls them in and out of various character's heads. It severs the empathetic connection between reader and character.

It is also best to stick to one point of view in a chapter. If you are going to switch POV characters, it is best to do so only after a clear break, such as a chapter break or possibly a break within a chapter (indicated by an extra space). It also helps to give the reader certain clues to orient themselves in the new perspective.

If you feel you really need to use multiple POVs within a chapter, perhaps you should consider writing the book from the POV of an omniscient narrator (i.e. the writer's POV). This generally gives the reader the experience of "looking at" the characters than "being" the character, but it also give you the freedom to move from character to character.

Omniscient narration is less popular these days, because it provides less intimacy between reader and character, but it is still effective when you want to look at the story world objectively.

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