Coming of Age Story

by Jerry

Hello! I have a story idea of 4 (sometimes 5) characters who are coming of age that are each "running away" (in a sense) from their current lives.

1.) an Elf princess that doesn't want responsiblity and wants to remain a free spirit
2.) a human prince who is tired of living under his father's rules (which makes each of his sons be a squire for another knight for a period of two years to learn how to follow and learn humility before they will be entrusted to rule when he dies).
3.) a human sorceror who is just at the beginning of his life of magic that is running from his magical gifts
4.) a rogue who is running from his infamous family name (which the genesis of the bad name really will turn out not to have been the fault of his family)

I have some ideas on how they all eventually meet up and I'd like for #1 and #2 to fall in love with each other as well (and thus possibly having to choose between love or their kingdom/family).

Each of the characters eventually is confronted with the very thing they are running away from and each make a decision to continue running or to confront it once and for all.

I want them to eventually find that they cannot run forever and must face the music and with the help of the others, each one is able to face their destiny in their own way.

I can flesh it out more, but didn't know if this is a decent start or not.

Any ideas on what you would/could do with this?

Response: You've made a good start. You should probably decide who the main character is - either the elf princess or the human prince. The other would be a likely candidate for the impact character (typical when a romance is involved), though not necessarily.

Your next task will be to decide on a story goal. What is the central problem or objective?

Typically, your main character will also be the protagonist who pursues the story goal and may require the help or support of these other characters to accomplish it - and they will do so because it affords them the opportunity to tackle their own concerns (which will be of a similar type, such as "becoming" someone/something).

If you haven't already done so, take a look at this article on the basic plot elements...

That should help you flesh out the plot a little.

Best of luck.

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