Climax to end of novel

by Jenny

Question: After the climax, how many more chapters should there be before the novel ends?

Answer: Generally, I think it's better to think in terms of events rather than chapters.

How many events are required to wrap up the loose ends of your book depends on your story. However, there are four main events to consider.

1. Outcome: You need to show what the world is like for most characters at the end of the story. Is the world better or worse off? Has harmony been restored?

2. Judgement: How is the main character at the end of the story? Is he better or worse off? Has she resolved the issue that troubled her throughout the story?

3. Impact character resolve: How is the impact character at the end of the story? Is he/she better or worse off?

4. Relationship: How does the relationship between the main and impact characters stand at the end of the story? Have they resolved the issues between them?

In addition, you may need events in which to dismiss other minor characters. The readers may want to know how they ended up, especially if there was any doubt established earlier.

Finally, you may need to resolve any other outstanding subplots or story arcs. The exception, of course, is if you want to leave some room for a sequel. In that case certain arcs may resolve in a way that will leave the reader wanting to know what happens next.

How many chapters it takes you to do all this really depends on you. Some stories can be wrapped up in one chapter. Others may take several.

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Thanks heaps
by: Jen

Thanks for your time answering this. There are three chapters after the climax in the novel I'm working on atm. I was told there should only be one but that doesn't work for me. So glad to read what you have said. Ta muchly :)

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