Character motivation?

Question: I actually have two questions:

So the two main characters of my book were best friends until one of them had an accident that almost killed her. After she wakes up from her resulting coma, her personality has completely changed, she is cold, cynical and seems tortured by some dark secret. At some point her best friend leaves to become an agent for a secret organization, that tries to do good in the world. I'm just not sure why he should leave. It's true that their friendship falls apart after her accident, but I still can't think of anything that would be a strong enough motivation for him to leave his former life when he's only 13. He has to leave however, so that later in the book, he and his organization can help the best friend in achieving her goal.

My other question is, do you think it's okay for him to fall in love with her when they meet five years later? It's just because they're both so young, and he's 3 years older. He never tells her how he feels, but is that kind of- creepy?

Thanks for your help, this site is really incredibly helpful!

Answer: My first question for you is whether the accident was caused by the enemies of the organization the friend later goes to work for? The friend's guilt over the incident might affect the friendship.

Thirteen is a bit young to up and leave. Usually at that age one's parents determine these things. Of course, the parents could work for the organization too. Either way, perhaps he leaves to protect her?

The difference between 18 and 15 is a tad problematic, since you don't want him to do anything illegal, I assume. Nonetheless, romance is not unheard of at these ages. What if she was just two years younger, or they meet a year or two later?

These are just some possibilities. I'm sure you can think of others if you put your mind to it.

Best of luck

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Thank you!
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Thanks for your advice!

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