Character Devolopment

by Christopher Days

I am having a problem developing a Character in the current novel I am writing.

Seeing as how this character is the main one in the story, I figured I would reach out to the writing community and attempt to get help.

The Character's name is Jasok of HarborStone. I have the physical qualities down and a small portion of the emotional/mental qualities.

The story focuses on his story, and the mystery behind his past. I started the story with a three chapter long prologue detailing a small bit of his past. Then the Main story begins 8 years later, thus the mystery.

I want this character to be a complete mystery, allowing the reader to be drawn in, in order to figure out his past. But I can't figure out how to make him a mystery. Or how to make it so he is intriguing to the reader.

Assistance would be graciously accepted. Thank you

Christopher J Days

Answer: If you want the mystery to concern the character's past, consider not revealing his past right away and let the reader first connect with him in the present. Show Jasok behaving in surprising ways that arouse the reader's curiosity. Let clues concerning his backstory be revealed slowly, so that eventually the reader can see that his behaviour makes sense considering his past and his personality.

You might also consider if the character's past catches up with him, perhaps in the form of a person from the past appearing in the present, who forces Jasok's past to be revealed and reflected on.

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