Batman Series

by Anonymous
(St. Louis, MO)

Hey Glen, in your opinion, assuming you have seen all three of the recent Batman movies with Christopher Nolan as director. Who would you say is the impact character in all three movies? Is the same and is Alfred, since he always pushed Bruce or is it different in each one: Ra's al Ghul in the 1st one, Joker in 2nd, and Levitt's character in the 3rd one? Or is it someone completely different in your opinion?

Answer: I confess I haven't seen the 3rd film yet, and have only seen part of the second. However, I would say that Ras al Ghul is certainly the impact character as well as antagonist in Batman Begins. Batman's conflict in that film is whether to hold true to his father's values (saving lives) or change to become a remorseless killer like Ghul. Most of his father's legacy is destroyed in the conflict, but Batman remains steadfast. (Alfred was wrong. Batman's father's legacy wasn't Wayne Manor, but Batman's core values.)

In The Dark Knight (as much as I've seen), it seems to me that Batman was being torn between the moral ambiguity represented by the Joker and his belief in human goodness, which is reaffirmed in the end.

Those are my thoughts for now, admittedly incomplete.


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