base on a true story death row immigration

by manuel
(weslaco texas)

Question: I have a true story to tell. First time writer. Cannot get it on paper.

Answer: It sounds like a great story, but please don't take offense if I suggest you ask yourself if you are the best person to tell it.

For instance, if you were to find a journalist - or even a talented journalism student anxious for the opportunity - you might be able to partner with that person. They could supply the writing and research skills while you supply the personal experience.

Another approach is to go to a publisher or agent who has worked on similar projects and see if the idea interests them. Sometimes, if a publisher is interested enough in a story they will hire a ghost writer to do the writing. Your chances of making money are much less with this route, because they will have to pay the ghostwriter, but you would get your story out.

A third avenue: maybe a journal that does in-depth investigations would be interested in the story.

If you really want to write the book yourself, then go for it. Maybe take some part-time classes in writing to help you develop your writing skills.

When you think you have a good outline for the book, and perhaps 1-3 sample chapters, make a proposal and query some agents. See this article for the basic proposal writing process...

If all these avenues fail, you could even consider self-publishing through lulu or amazon. But do hire an editor first. And remember that the key to a successful book lies in the marketing.

Best of luck.

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