Question: 1st thank you for your help in my last question and would really love for you to help me in this one when you have time. I was just wondering while developing my characters if you can have the archetypal sidekick be the archetypal hunter and still have it be a sidekick-How does that work? Any help will be wonderful.

Answer: You are free to mix and match the archetypal character functions any way you like. The only guidelines are that you...

1. Don't assign a character two functions that are in conflict. For instance, if you give a character the Sidekick functions of Support and Faith, you wouldn't also give him the functions of Unsupport and Disbelief, at least not in the same scene or plotline. If you did, he would be in the untenable position of fighting himself.

2. Don't give the same function to more than one character at a time. Having two characters in a scene argue for Faith is redundant (they'd have nothing to discuss).

Other than that, you can add any other traits to a character you like.

Bear in mind that when I talk about the 8 archetypes outlined in Dramatica, I'm talking about dramatic functions or motivations. There are other types of archetype based on other filters (which can be combined with the dramatic functions). Some of these are based in external traits, some on internal.


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Thank You
by: From Archetypals Combining

Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful help. It really cleared things up for me.

by: Anonymous

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