a novel that deals prostitution, but in fact is anti-prostitution

by Sayass

Question: What can be some of the reasons that a noble man falls in love with a prostitute? Can that ever be? What if a prostitute falls in love with him after a night because that noble man never touched her that whole night instead he respected the girl as a woman at man's service?

Answer: One of the main elements in romance fiction is something I call "forced intimacy." The idea is to take two people who, under normal circumstances, would never have a chance to fall in love with each other, and put them in a situation where the boundaries that separate them are broken down.
They are forced to endure greater intimacy with each other than they would normally choose, and within that intimacy love blossoms.

Forced intimacy can take many different forms. Some traditional plot devices are...

* Two strangers accidentally stranded on a dessert island, in a lifeboat, or alone in the wilderness, etc.
* Forced marriage.
* Pretend marriage/relationship to help someone out.
* Miscommunication (someone thinks they are corresponding with one person, but are actually corresponding with someone else).
* Young man accidentally sees a woman in a partial state of undress or embarrassment (this happens in many old movies) and from then on can't get her out of his mind.
* Kidnapped heroine falls in love with captor.
* Mistaken identity.
* A responsible person assigned to look after a troublesome person ends up falling in love with them.

Another form of forced intimacy that has been done many times is the romance between a rich man and a prostitute (two people from very different social spheres). The basic idea is that the rich man hires a prostitute because he wants sex. That puts them in an intimate situation. But then he discovers there is much more to this woman and he comes to value her. Of course, it also turns out that the rich man is a good person deep down, so he is someone the woman can fall in love with. So both of them are reformed by the relationship. She gives up prostitution. He realizes he only wants her and stops hiring prostitutes.

The basic idea behind such romances is that if two people are truly compatible, they only have to get past the false or irrelevant barriers between them for love to arise.

Like much romance fiction, this is a bit of a fantasy, but all the more popular for that reason.

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