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How to handle multiple protagonists?

Question: I'm writing a story where most of the many characters will be deceased by the end of the story, and I want multiple protagonists because in stories

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Is luck an acceptable character trait?

Question: I've tried to balance it out by having my character's luck failing occasionally and just opting for the least likely outcome rather than something

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Misleading story goal?

Question: At the start of my story, my main character is an apathetic delinquent with little interest in anything. He's only spurred into action by a curse

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Romance Problem: Is this enough?

Hello Glen, I have a question about romance, or romance in the past, rather. I'm only in chapter 5 of my book, I have about 133 pages written so far,

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Question: I am writing a fantasy book about three prisoners across the world who start a rebellion. I have not decided if the rebellions attack each other

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Thinking about writing a book about the funny things my grandsons say

Question: I've been posting some of the funny things my grandsons say on facebook. Several people have suggested I write a book. I'm undecided if I should

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Does the story relayed in a journal have to be a "co-plot"?

Question: You just answered a question for me about whether ICs can be dead, and that answer was very clear, but something else you said in that response

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New Religious Figures & Ideas for Plot

Question: If one were to write a fiction novel, do you think it would be acceptable to create new Gods (author-created ones) and merge them with the Gods

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Can an impact character be dead?

My current novel-in-progress is fantasy genre, and the protagonist is a healer who develops the ability to transfer (or take) wounds, disease, and poison

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Question: How do I assemble all the key players when some are quite distant or others are already dead? Can the protgonist have a dream? Can the protagonist

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Reviving Characters

Hello, At the end of my book, the twist is that the main character gives into her selfishness/hate/pride and sacrifices her best friend to a demon in

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How Do The Publishing Industry Like (Ancient) Chinese Stories

Question: Hi.I am a Chinese college student aspiring to write a story on a royal family set in ancient China in English, and would like to make it known.

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Two separate characters telling their story as first person.

Question: This is my first attempt at writing a book. I have planned to alternate my chapters with 2 main characters, both are equally important. I have

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Making a series into stand alone.

Hey there! As I was reading through the articles and questions on this site to help with my own progress as a complete newbie, I stumbled across something

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is it ok to have a more abstract story goal?

I came across this site while looking for writing tips online; of the many sites I saw, this has been the most helpful and comprehensive! I've never taken

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Product Placement, Real World Professional References In My Story

Hi again, Glen! I am curious. When would I need to ask permission to use a product, service, invention and/or a professional public figure's name (like

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Should I go with the ending I want or what my readers want?

Hello. I'm writing a love triangle story. There's this boy who finds himself caught in between two very different special women. One is his best friend,

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Describing a character's outfit theme or motif without being too obvious

Question: I am currently working on a novel & 2 of the characters in my story have outfits which revolve around a theme; one has pie themed outfits (e.g.

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multiple plots

Question: What is the difference between having multiple plots vs just a single plot? I have to decide whether Bridge to Terabithia has multiple or single

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Should novice writers avoid a 1st person POV?

Question: I've begun plotting my story, intending to write it in the first person. However, today I was reading a book, Write Good or Die, in which one

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percentage for helpers

Question: I have written the book.. and an illustrator is doing the graphics. She is also helping do some of the formatting... what percentage would be

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Guess which writing website made the top 100 list for 2017?

The Write Life has just published their list of the 100 Best Websites for Writers for 2017 and I'm happy to announce that How to Write a Book Now has made the cut. We're no. 17 to be exact, just above Inky Girl (a great site for picture book writers and illustrators), not that the list is in order of ranking. I'm glad to be listed among so many sites I've admired over the years.

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Lists of blackmails?

Question: So, here is the description of the short story I want to write about: Two dirt-poor art students (Main character and her friend a.k.a love interest)

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Trouble connecting with main character

Question: A friend of mine read the first few chapters of my novel and helped me pinpoint a major problem: my introverted main character is becoming lost

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Is my plot too complicated / bad?

I'm writing a novel that mostly falls within the chick lit category (however, it's probably not typical one plotwise but it is more about the witty, humorous

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romance and fantasy story

Hello, I love reading stories and all types of novels I would to write my own story for others to read as well since I find it fun also I would to write

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When should a character get over another character's death?

Hi, I'm not actually stuck, but I don't want my whole book to be stupid dark and somber and I don't know where to stop the character's melancholic reflections.

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Double plot structure?

Hello, firstly, I just have to say thank you very much for creating this website. It has helped me so much in my writing development and has also helped

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I have a good story idea, but the execution is boring. Help!

Question: I came up with an idea for a story/novel. The entire book is about a 17-year-old boy who was locked in a prison by his mother when he was 6 but

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Interludes in Second Act

Hi Glen! Thank you for your priceless posts and advice. My novel begins with a prologue that occurs in the protagonist's past, from her first-person

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Question: I do not really understand the religion part of worldbuilding. How do I incorporate religion into my races? Like, does religion only include

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Series Impact Character(s)

Hi! So glad I found your website. This might be the perfect place to turn to now and in the future. I am writing a trilogy in the Dramatica software and

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non fiction

Question: Do I leave my family names out knowing they hate me. afraid they will try to sue. plus who can be a ghost writer? Answer: Writing a book about

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Dialogue for characters

Hello there, I'm Danny and I'm working on a novel at the moment that is a historical fiction set in ancient Greece aimed at teenagers. I am

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Can my story have two goals?

Question: I have thought of a story which my protagonist goes on a journey to find his long-lost brother and reunite the family. His cousin comes along

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Question: I am writing a story that is sort of magical realism/scifi. I had an idea of incorporating homeless cats into the plot based on a children's

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How to write address?

Question: My question is basically that when writing certain addresses, should real house numbers be taken or we should fabricate entirely different numbers

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Show dont tell

Question: I have difficulties with showing. I just pile more and more on until my writing becomes bulky. I watched as the rain came down in endless sheets

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Question: I want to write a novel but I want to write it about my own experiences as if it were a biography. I am afraid people will not be interested

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Length of story

Question: Even though I've told my story the way I intended in a little over 41,100 words, would it be more advantageous to add more to lengthen the manuscript?

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Love interest and internal conflict

Question: The main characters of my novel have feelings for each other and I know that I want internal conflict to play a big role, but is a love interest

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Literary Fiction on Contemplation as the Goal

Question: I suppose the genre will most likely be a Literary Fiction since the focus is on philosophical questions. Can you suggest some works/books where

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Character Traits

Question: Can you recommend to me an unusual as well as unexpected combination of personality traits? I am trying to find a personally trait that does

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Where do I go from here?

Question: So I have almost finished my novel. I have 81,000 words divided into 23 chapters. I have no idea where to go. I have never written a book

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hyphen use

Hello there. First of all, this website has helped me so thank you. I want to know if kid me needs a hyphen or not. I do not plan to use it as in kidding

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Using Real World vs. Fictional Company Names and Product References in Your Story

Hi Glenn! Got married a year back and had a name change, but still follow you, and really want to thank you for this wonderful and NECESSARY, relevant

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Find my Antagonist

Hi! First I would like to thank you for this brilliant website. It is really a great help! I'm having some trouble finding my Antagonist and I’m hoping

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Point of View Questions

Hello! In my current novel, I switch back and forth between the POV of my main character and her love interest. At the moment, I have the main character

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Two-Person Narration

Hi, I wanted to know what are the pros and cons of writing a book with two narrators? Answer: The downside is that, whenever you introduce additional

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