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Length of story

Question: Even though I've told my story the way I intended in a little over 41,100 words, would it be more advantageous to add more to lengthen the manuscript?

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Love interest and internal conflict

Question: The main characters of my novel have feelings for each other and I know that I want internal conflict to play a big role, but is a love interest

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Literary Fiction on Contemplation as the Goal

Question: I suppose the genre will most likely be a Literary Fiction since the focus is on philosophical questions. Can you suggest some works/books where

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Character Traits

Question: Can you recommend to me an unusual as well as unexpected combination of personality traits? I am trying to find a personally trait that does

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Where do I go from here?

Question: So I have almost finished my novel. I have 81,000 words divided into 23 chapters. I have no idea where to go. I have never written a book

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hyphen use

Hello there. First of all, this website has helped me so thank you. I want to know if kid me needs a hyphen or not. I do not plan to use it as in kidding

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Using Real World vs. Fictional Company Names and Product References in Your Story

Hi Glenn! Got married a year back and had a name change, but still follow you, and really want to thank you for this wonderful and NECESSARY, relevant

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Find my Antagonist

Hi! First I would like to thank you for this brilliant website. It is really a great help! I'm having some trouble finding my Antagonist and I’m hoping

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Point of View Questions

Hello! In my current novel, I switch back and forth between the POV of my main character and her love interest. At the moment, I have the main character

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Two-Person Narration

Hi, I wanted to know what are the pros and cons of writing a book with two narrators? Answer: The downside is that, whenever you introduce additional

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Revenge/ Superhero story

Question: My main character wants to get revenge on a certain individual, who has reached the apex of his arc and essentially taken control of every opposition

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Question: Can I write about a company and my experiences since I retired been with the company 21 years? Answer: I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal

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"Filler" Chapters and current length.

Hi Glen, I'm currently writing a high fantasy book and I'm on the third chapter. So far, with a prologue and chapters 1 and 2 completed, I have about

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Creating a strong reason(s) for antagonist to against protagonist

Question: I am writing a thriller that features a 17-year-old girl that fights against a witch that wants to destroy her. Can you please give me some

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Odd or common name?

Question: I've been wondering for a while--with a fantasy in which there's a different world from ours, would it be better to have common or odd names?

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Concerning Plot and Characters

Question: I'm creating a story that revolves around the political relations of two fictional countries. In the story, a powerful figure (the antagonist)

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Can multiple characters be impact characters to each other?

Question: Is it okay to have three characters be impact characters to each other? I've chosen my main character, as in, the character that'll be making

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Using References to Real World Companies and Other Author's Published Works In Your Story

Question: In a story I am currently reading, the author uses real world company names rather than fake ones, and when using humor, sarcasm or other plot

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Which Order to Introduce Multiple Protagonists

Question: Who's story goes first in a multi-narrative story that involves a false protagonist who dies before Protagonists A & B are introduced and none

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Would I make a new paragraph?

Question: If I am being a narrator for 1 character, would I make a new paragraph if I have another character talk? Or not? Answer: If you are writing

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Interlude Between Act 1 and 2. Should I do this?

Hi. I have planned the first act of my fantasy book thoroughly enough, and just finished wrapping up the first chapter, which focuses on one of my three

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know the characters

Hello, I really enjoyed from your website. I write my story and I'm in the fourth chapter. And friends tell me they do not feel they know enough my characters.

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How does someone connect their short strories/novellas

Question: I have 2 Questions. It is said that most agents don't accept collection of short stories or collection of novellas from debut authors because

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Multiple Points of View

Question: I've been told I'm head-hopping in my contemporary romance manuscript. How do you convey different characters' thoughts, feelings, or reactions

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Writing about topics I don't know too well...

Hi! I'm John (big fan of your page!), and I have a question that has been haunting me for a while and will not let me begin ANY book I try to write.

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Story goal

Question: Hello again it's me Antoinette and I changed my story a little bit. I have a question to ask, is it okay if your character doesn't know the main

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stuck on conflict in my story

Question: I am trying to work on a novel, perhaps a series, about a human who becomes a vampire to fulfill a prophecy. The main theme I am searching for

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Low self esteem

Question: I've been writing ever since I was 6 years old but the only people who have ever read it are my mom and dad. Now I'm 17 years old and I just

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How to develop my ideas

Question: I have a plot in mind put it is very difficult to develop it. I don't know what to do. I have the idea but how to write about events and things

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Switching Perpsectives

Question: I'd like to apologize in advance for the lengthy paragraph, sorry. The story I'm writing uses the perspective of multiple characters, alongside

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How to make characters less like people you know

Question: I'm writing a novel and it's based on people and things that have actually happened to me but I don't want people to know its real and I want

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Filler Chapters

Question: How do you fill in time between significant events? I have seen in this website that you should not use fillers to fill in time but without them

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Hello, I'm writing a novel about a woman's life. I was wondering how to title my chapters. Example: Chapter 1 Birth to Age 5 or Chapter

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Long dialog segments

Hello, I'm writing a novelization of a stage play, a comedy. There are very lengthy passages of dialog between only two characters, some are about three

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what are the external and internal goals of the heroine and hero of my romantic novel

Question: The story is all about two lovers who met in a particular restaurant somewhere in New York. She wasn't able to pay her bill because she noticed

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Dialogue Tag Preferences

Hello, sir. I was wondering which you prefer and would be more likely to use: Hurry up, Jane. The bank closes at 3:00 p.m, Frank said. No, it doesn't.

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Three Main Characters. Do I need three Gandalfs/Dumbledores/Obi-Wans?

Question: I've read on this site that for every main character that you write in the point of view of needs to have his or her own story arc. They each

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Brand names and other copyright concerns

Question: Is it ok for characters to use real brand name items? I've been given conflicting answers for this question. For instance, I read somewhere that

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Devopling conflict

Question: So I'm having trouble with conflicts. I want my story to be about a girl who is a princess but doesn't know it. Later on in the story she, herself

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Question: How do put a cliffhanger in my story and still end my book with resolution? Answer: Create a plot in the first book with a story goal that is

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Antagonist and Contagonist..Do they have to be in every chapter?

Question: Great website! I hope you can help me. I'm in the process of writing the chapters to my novel. But I would like to have a chapter dedicated to

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What to do for when a character thinks?

Hello, I am of course writing a novel and I am having some problems with characters thought. What if there are two characters in the scene having thoughts?

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Character Development

Question: My story is fairly simple, Sun and Moon Guardians (which are the souls of the Sun and Moon) are on Earth because the Darkness the Sun had 'fought

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Antagonist as main Character

Question: I'm writing a book where the main character is an Antagonist; the bad guy, and it's from HIS point of view. In the very end, however, he realizes

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Setting of the story

Hi, I am writing a young adult story where they go to a fighting school (a made up school) and I would like to know if putting it in a real country or

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Transliterating Accents (If that's the right word)

Hey Glen me again. I'm struggling with the dialogue of one of my characters in a story. Most of the characters, and the setting, are English and thus

Continue reading "Transliterating Accents (If that's the right word)"

Dramatica "this scene represents" and creating scenes..but what about Sequels

Question: After months of creating my elements for my novel in Dramatica I'm finally up to creating scenes. I've read countless materials from a variety

Continue reading "Dramatica "this scene represents" and creating scenes..but what about Sequels"

archetypal characters

Hey, Thank you for this site. It's amazing. I created several characters, some of which are archetypal: mad-genius, flighty philosopher and so on. Is

Continue reading "archetypal characters"

How do I avoid a cliché goal for my antagonist?

Question: I love good villains, but I usually don't love them because of what they stand for. I like them because of what they look like, because of how

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