Do You Give Angel Characters Flaws or Not?

Question: Hi. I'd first just like to say that your website has helped me out a lot. I'm currently writing a book that has characters that are angels. I would like to know, do you give them flaws or not?

Answer: Thanks for your kind comments.

I would say you'd most likely have to give your angels flaws. Perfect characters are a tad dull. They only become interesting, if at all, when other characters react to them in interesting ways.

As a main character, perfect characters seldom work because no one can relate to a character who is perfect. We can empathize with characters who have faults because they are like us.

Even if you want to make your angels morally perfect, they could have limitations or weaknesses in other areas, so the reader can at least sympathize with their situation.

Basic rule of thumb: make your characters seem human, even if they are not, and especially your main character.

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