Writing with Pen or Computer?

by Carolina Jones
(usa illinois kildeer)

Question: When you're first starting a story should you write it on the computer or on lined paper?

Answer: Honestly, it doesn't really matter. Use whatever medium you are comfortable with.

Some people like a pen and paper because of the tactile sensation and because it forces them to slow down and consider each word.

Other writers prefer a computer or typewriter because they can type as fast as they think, so they can record their ideas before they forget them.

These days, some writers use cellphones or other small devices because they are convenient for writing on a bus or subway.

Eventually you will probably want your writing in electronic form (i.e. a word processor or other software like Scrivener) because it makes editing and revising easier. You can change a single word and print off (or email) a good copy without having to re-write or re-type the entire story.

Also, you would be hard-pressed today to find an editor who accepts handwritten manuscripts. They're harder to read and edit.

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