Writing Fight sequences

by David McDowell

Question: What is the best way to go about writing fight sequences? I'm writing a graphic novel, which has the visual component, but I'm not wanting to rush the fights that happen within the narrative.

Answer: I'm not an expert on writing fights, but Rayne Hall suggests the following way to structure a fight scene...

1. Suspense/Anticipation (waiting for confrontation).
2. Start (initial stance, first strikes, opponents assessing each other both physically and verbally).
3. Action (blow-by-blow account with few words).
4. Surprise (unexpected or outside interference creates new challenges for the fighters)
5. Climax (greatest danger point tests the hero's resolve, but he delivers the winning blow)
6. Aftermath (assessing the damage, wounds residual adrenaline effects, etc.)

Of course, how much time/space you spend on each of these parts depends on the emotional feel you want to create.

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Feb 26, 2015
Rayne Hall
by: Brent King

Rayne Hall's books have been so helpful to me. They present such enabling ways to write, mentioning specific things to do and avoid. The cool thing for me is that his advice somehow sticks with me when I'm writing and editing.

I would recommend all of his writing books. =)

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