Writing Concerns


I am a S/W Engineer and am not an avid reader , but, I still want to write. There is some something inside that gives me the urge for writing.

My concern is that being from technical background and having no vocabulary or a bank full of words how will I become a writer in fact a GOOD WRITER.

Can you please help.

Answer: You probably already have a sufficient bank of words at your disposal. Not all books require a vast vocabulary. But you will need to acquire a sense of both style and structure.

Traditionally, writers learned their craft by...

1) Reading and studying the works of other writers. You want to discover what stories move you and why. Observe how plots are put together, how characters are depicted. The only possible shortcut here is to read a limited number of classics but study them in very great depth. But you should occasionally dip into other writers and genres.

2) Writing a lot, to develop their own style. You must make this part of your weekly if not daily schedule.

Once upon a time, writers also learned about style by copying out the works of great writers. (This is optional, but still beneficial.)

To that, I would also suggest you learn more formally about the craft. Take classes. Read books about writing. Read a few writers' blogs. You want to know how writers look at stories, which is different from how readers look at them. (Rather like the difference between how software users look at software vs. how developers look at it.)

Best of luck.

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Mar 17, 2013
Queries for Writing Concerns Post
by: Anonymous

First of all thank you so much for the answer.
I have a query regarding style. I am not able to relate to when u say "i need to learn style n structure" . I understood the concept of structure and the craft of reading and writing and learning from other writers. But, not able to relate to "A style of writing".

2. Also, can you please suggest a few classics which would benefit a beginner like me.

3.Just FYI ,I have enjoyed reading few books below but not able determine my genre. Can you please help to add some more to my kitty by figuring out my taste? This in return would help me learn from those writers.

Paulo coelho
-The Alchemist ,
Mitch Albom's books like
-Tuesdays with Moorie
-Five people I met in heaven
-Have a little Faith
Elizabeth Gilbert
-Eat Love Pray
Dr.Brian Weiss
-Many Lives Many Masters
-Same Soul Many Bodies
Chetan Bhagat
-Five point someone

Lastly, I would definitely make a point to write something regularly. Do i need to make a plot or think of single story and keep elaborating it or is it ok if I pen down anything randomly.?

Once again thanks a lot for the valuable insights.I might be nagging with my questions but i hope u do understand my concerns. Thanks!!

Mar 17, 2013
by: Glen

There are many elements that go into style, which makes it difficult to define. One of the things that make great books great is that the narrative voice is unique. If you look at the first pages of a few dozen highly acclaimed novels, you will see that the styles vary widely. Hemingway's prose, for example, sounds nothing like James Joyce's.

Some of the elements of style include average sentence length, rhythms, vocabulary choices, person (1st, 2nd, 3rd), tense (past, present, future), perspective (omniscient, limited, multiple), figurative language, etc.

You have to find an approach that works for you. Some writers will start with just a simple idea, or a one paragraph synopsis and then improvise as they write. Others will plan a novel in great detail before they start the actual writing. Most people are somewhere in between.

Mar 18, 2013
Writing Concerns
by: Anonymous

Ok Glenn got it. Thanks for your help !!

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